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This video conversation Girls:  A No Ceiling Conversation took place live last month with Chelsea and Hillary Clinton being interviewed in the 1 hour and 15 min. video below. It’s excellent and worth watching if you care about the challenges girls face and how their challenges cause our economy not to perform as well as it could.
It’s available for REPLAY by clicking on the link in the body of the letter.  Chelsea and Hillary appear after the first 10 minutes of an introduction and information about the project.  I stated in a previous blog last month that Chelsea Clinton has developed into an intelligent, elegant and polished executive.
I was planning on sending this conversation on Mother’s Day; however, First Lady Michelle Obama’s sent a powerful message in lieu of the president’s weekly address.  Mrs. Obama spoke from her heart on the kidnapping of 200+ Nigerian girls designed to call domestic and international attention to this tragic event which everyone wants to see resolved peacefully and as soon as possible.
While these events seems distant and not in the immediate interest of the United States–one of the important points Mrs. Obama brought up was that this problem is not an isolated incident.
Everyday girls are kidnapped throughout the world including the United States–not on such a large scale; but, for equally unconscionable reasons.
Most of our society’s damaging treatment other than outright abuse is the squashing of the dreams and aspirations of young girls and one of the sorriest problems is that our society still pays women on average 3/4 of what men earn for equally comparable jobs.
Paraphrasing President Obama from his 2014 State of the Union Address; “it’s an embarrassment that in 2014 our society acts like an episode of Mad Men when it comes to equal pay for equal work”.
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Girls: A No Ceilings Conversation
Camille,We hope you’ll join us today at 3 p.m. ET for a discussion with girls, about girls,featuring Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, and moderator America Ferrera.
Girls: A No Ceilings Conversation is the first in a series of live and virtual events where we will hear from a diverse group of people about the status of women and girls around the world. Today’s conversation will focus specifically on beginning a dialogue with girls about their lives, experiences, and hopes for the future. And we want you to be a part of it.

Watch the event at www.clintonfoundation.org/conversation and ask questions through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the hashtag #NoCeilings.

No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project is focused on advancing the full participation of women and girls by bringing together partners to collect data to assess the gains made and the gaps that remain for women and girls around the world. The No Ceilings Conversations will provide an opportunity to collect stories and solutions to integrate into the data on the status of women and girls.

The stories and experiences of women and girls are a critical part of this project. Join us for this first conversation.

Thank you for being part of our work,

The Clinton Foundation

P.S. If you can’t watch live at 3 p.m. today, don’t worry – the full conversation will be available at clintonfoundation.org/conversation after the event.


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April 19, 2014

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