Shocking Predictions Came True! — Are you Prepared?

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I first researched and composed this article initially on August 12, 2010 based on Attorney Dawn R. Connelly’s teachings on the network marketing industry and Eric Worre’s videos on “Shocking Predictions” that have come to pass.  This release is the same with only a couple of uupdates based on the current economic events over the past couple of months.

Eric Worre’s 2009 Key Note Address in Spain is a MUST WATCH to really grasp what is happening world-wide.

Dawn, researched the Network Marketing Industry and many network marketers were surprised that the industry has been around since the late 1800’s and is now coming into it’s own mainly because AMWAY Corporation took the bullets for the entire industry and when the dust cleared AMWAY GLOBAL was left standing.

What follows is a lot of information; however, I feel obligated that you should have this information to cut through the confusion and provide some clarity about the new economy which will give you more confidence when you talk to uninformed people including some news media professionals who are basing their knowledge on how the world was 50 years ago.

"What was it this time, Old Economy or New Economy?"

Founder Eric Worre, NETWORK MARKETING PRO has succeeded in the industry for twenty-three years and Mr. Worre only interviews network marketing professionals that have earned over one million dollars. Mr. Worre’s mission is to upgrade the industry’s status because he says “It’s a stone cold fact that we have a better way …now let’s go out and tell the world”

Mr. Worre’s two video links below from his company’s website Network Marketing Pro are “shocking” in and of itself.  “Shocking Predictions Come True” video’s message was plastered all over the news stations in December of 2010 and now this Summer with the capital hill drama and subsequent economic news.  It’s clear to see the extremes on both sides of the political process are stuck in the past; per Robert Kiyosaki famed author & entrepreneur of the all time best selling financial book Rich Dad Poor Dad.
Shocking Predictions for 2011 – December 29, 2010 – (6 min.)
You’ll be shocked at how on target Eric Worre is with his four predictions for 2011 and the year in just almost 3/4 over.  He has two predictions on the economy (unemployment & the stock market), one on lifestyle (the new status symbol) and one on network marketing as a profession.
Shocking Predictions Come True – August 9, 2010 – (7 min.)
The current economy is very bad for people in the “traditional” workplace and very GOOD for people in the Network Marketing
Eric Worre’s Marbella Spain Keynote – April 7, 2009 – (50 min.) (English & Spanish)
Eric explains in his Spain keynote address why all of the upheaval is happening in almost every country worldwide. He discusses the economy, the massive changes in the workplace and why Network Marketing is the best possible career choice. His friend Paco acts as Spanish translator.

Supplemental information & analysis “Shocking Predictions”

Current Millionaires on this Planet

There are currently about 8.7 million millionaires which is 000.13% or less than 1 percent of seven (7) billion people on this planet classified as millionaires.

Statistically, by world region about 50% have come from business ownership or business sales in Europe and Latin American. Thirty-six (36%) of the millionaires come from inheritances in the Middle East. Thirty-two (32%) have come from wage earners in the United States.  Those days are gone.

The percentage of people who become millionaires from wages has fallen of the cliff and are currently 24% world wide and from investments the percentage is only ten (10%) percent world wide.

Out of those 8.7 million millionaires; there are only 85,400 who have made more thirty (30) million dollars.

Eric Worre’s Marbella Spain keynote address states in the video above if we want to become millionaires; there are really only three occupations (all performance based) to become millionaires in.  They are being an athlete, entertainer, corporate CEO or entrepreneur.  The key is one has to be world class to command a salary of one million dollars.

Kristi Yamaguchi, World Class Figure Skater

What are our chances of becoming world class athletes, corporate CEO/business entrepreneurs or entertainers?

By world class athlete; we are speaking in the class of Michael Jordan, Venus and Serena Williams, Wayne Gretzky, Kristie Yamaguchi, Alex Rodriguez, Yao Ming and Michael Phelps.

15 surprising facts about world class athletes.

By world class CEO; we are speaking in the class of Warren Buffett (network marketing company owner) Bill Gates, Reginald L. Lewis, Oprah Winfrey, Carols Guiterrez, Michael Dell, Sir Richard Branson (owns 400 companies including a network marketing company), Jose Caballer, Kenneth Chenault, Clive Davis and Steve Jobs.

By world class entrepreneur; we are speaking in the class of  Paula Mendoza of Possible Missions or Hubin Jiang of Ecompex, Inc. (billions in contracts only they are not household names.

How to become a World Class CEO (New Global Business Capabilities)

By world class entertainer; we are speaking in the class of The Beatles, Cher, Ray Charles, Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Tina Turner, Jimi Hendrix, Luciano Pavarotti, Al Pacino, Barbara Streisand, Jennifer Lopez, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.

Mr. Worre says that the figures of people in each of the three categories is no more than 10,000 world wide.  At the most; there are a only thirty (30) thousand world class athletes, entertainers and corporate CEO’s out of seven (7) billion people on this planet who have incomes of more than one million dollars.

Realistically; what is our chances of making a million dollars or more by trying to become a world class athlete, entertainer or corporate CEO?

These 30,000 athletes, entertainers and corporate CEOs and entrepreneurs make over a million dollars because they practiced, practiced, practiced usually over the course of 10-20 years to become world class.

The new economy will demand that payment for everyone be based on performance and not seniority.

Will you decide try and hang onto your current job which will be sliced and diced before you can retire if you get to retire, will you choose to do what you “love” and perhaps die young because you just don’t have the few dollars for food or medicine like in the play RENT based on the famous opera La BOHE’ME?

The good news is the network marketing profession will create 10 million new millionaires within a handful of years and the best news is that you can build a millionaire supplemental income stream part-time without neglecting your current obligations.

Enjoy these video performances of world class concert acts

Top 25 Concert Acts of all Time

While all of these entertainers are world class; the ones that I find “unbelievable” are when an entertainer is singing and performing dance routines that would cause most people to have a heart attack due to the precision and strenuous nature of the performance.  These entertainers are also athletes.

I recommend you watch three live performances even if these entertainers are not your cup of tea from the top 25 concert acts of all time of BEYONCE’ – Single Ladies (2009?), MICHAEL JACKSON – Smooth Criminal (1992) and ELVIS PRESLEY – Suspicious Minds (1970).  Their performances speak for themselves as to why they are world class.

If you choose to “Work It” as Michael Jackson so appropriately demonstrates in his “Smooth Criminal” video concert performance referenced above; [lease e-mail me at: or call me at 313-452-1339


Build Your Own Economy

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The message is the same if not more poignant than when I penned this in March of 2011.  I’ve since change the name of this blog to BUILD YOUR OWN ECONOMY because I wanted to be clear that I was not referring to the macro economy but to the micro economy of one’s own family and community which in time will help build the national economy.


   It’s Spring and the perfect time to start planting and          also seriously think about BUILDING YOUR                    ECONOMY.  By now;  everyone should know that
   you can’t sit back and leave your economic future  in      the  hands of someone or with some entity.  For the         most  part your family, the company you work
  with, your  community you live in and every country
  in the  world  is having similar problems.
You will do yourself, your family, your community and your world a Big favor by BUILDING YOUR ECONOMY.
I’m not talking about one or two things to cut costs or make more money.  I’m talking about a new philosophy that basically encompasses a new ways of looking at your entire world.  It means everything from having a positive attitude to drinking more water instead of sodas.
It means everything from having multiple streams of income to decluttering one’s home and work space.  It means everything from “kidnapping yourself” and going to a movie or museum at 2pm during the work week to saying “no” to extraneous requests from others including your boss, family and friends.
The economy that we grew up with was grand in it’s day;  however, it’s time to reflect seriously on how do we move forward and BUILD YOUR ECONOMY.