Gain Rapid Success in Public Speaking

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Norma Hollis

Enough is enough already!

I’ve heard it too many times over the last several months, “It’s too hard to gain
success as a speaker in this market!”


All you need is a message, a way to present it and the desire to touch the lives of others.

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to make a difference in the world
  • You have a message you want to share
  • You want others to find life easier than how it has been for you
  • You want to promote your business through speaking
  • You want speaking to be a new source of income

There are hundreds of reasons to want to speak. But learning how to do it well, without spending a
lot of money is another story.

Now there is a basic system that can help you gain the information you need to be successful in a
short period.

Whether you are just interested in strengthening your message and presentation skills or want to be a
highly paid motivational speaker, Norma’s online training process is the place to start.

Click here to learn more.  

Norma’s clients say she shaves years off their learning curve as a speaker. Gain the knowledge you need,
get coached and step into your speaking role with great confidence. Norma will guide you through the
process whether you are brand new or have been speaking for years. You will not be disappointed.

Click here to get started.   

You will be happy that you did.



Make a Difference in the World as a Speaker

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Dear Friend,

Are you a new or emerging speaker who wants to make a difference in the world? I want to introduce you to an associate of mine who helps speakers use their voice to make a difference while also earning income as a professional speaker.

Norma Hollis

Her name is Norma Hollis and she has spent over 20 years in the professional speaking industry as owner of a
speaker bureau, event producer, coach, author and speaker. She has created a membership program to help new
and emerging speakers gain rapid success in the speaking industry. If you want to use your voice to make a difference
in the world, Norma is the person to assist you.

Her program launches Thursday, January 19. I will be sending you an email tomorrow so you can find out more
and sign up for this great program.  In the meantime, you can add your name to her list and she will communicate
with you on Thursday.

Click this link to add your name to her list 

Norma is all about authenticity and helping speakers find, live and share their authentic voice. She has developed
the highly impactful R.A.P.I.D.S. Speaking System that helps speakers gain rapid success. She knows her stuff and
freely shares it. Norma has helped hundreds of speakers gain success. She can help you too.

Get on her list here: 

You will be happy that you did.



Norma Hollis speaks on “How You Can Unleash Your Creative Genius (and Get Paid for it!)” – Thurs., Oct. 23rd

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Hello Everyone:
Norma T. Hollis is a prolific, multi-gifted, transformational artist who expresses herself as a trainer, speaker and coach. She channels her passionate belief in the human spirit into programs and practices that help people find, live and share the spirit that lives within. 
As America’s Leading Authentic Voice Doctor®, Norma uses her unique gift of discovering practical application to complex ideas to bring new perspectives to challenges that face individuals, organizations and society as a whole. Her work builds healthy mindsets, expands purpose and creates practices that produce healthy, productive and authentic contributors to society.  
Norma’s interview airs 8:00am – Thursday, October 23rd 
Norma is one of the featured round table guests for Unleashing Your Creative Genius (and Get Paid for it!) hosted by artist and founder Rosine Kushnick.  To get instant access to tomorrow’s interview with Norma  –  Just click here tomorrow morning October 23rd after 8:00am.
Norma T. Hollis_Triple
​Norma Hollis, CEO & founder Norma T. Hollis and
The Global Authenticity Movement
Complimentary Gifts for You!
Norma has a Complimentary Gift for you so be sure to tune in tomorrow.  Also, there are Gifts from previous round table guests available for you,  Norma’s interview will be available for 48 hours after it airs.  Just click here tomorrow morning October 23rd after 8:00am.
Artistic Norma Fabric wall hanging/rug_2004
‘Gye Nyame’ Adrinka (African) symbol means
Omnipotent God”
“Finding your Authentic Voice is like discovering buried treasure: the change is immediate and life-altering.”   – Norma T. Hollis
Camille Mitchell

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Natural Health Summit’s Dr. Alex Schuster contributes immensely….to your Health & overall Well-Being

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Hello Everyone:
I hope you have been enjoying and learning about the advantages of “natural health alternatives”.   it’s science, physiology and historical roots.  I’m certain most of you know the pitfalls of relying of “modern” medicine alone.  Natural Health and modern health can compliment each other; but only if one has a better understanding of what is natural health and how it works.
Dr. Alex Schuster, founder Natural Health Summit
Dr. Alexander Schuster, founder Natural Health Summit and clinical director, The Brain Wave Center has simplified having to research all of this information into the Natural Health Summit for the past several weeks.  Fortunately there is at least one more week of highly specialized guest speakers joining Dr. Schuster. Just click on the Natural Health Summit link below for more information, a list of guest speakers (click on the speaker’s photo for their Bio).  If you missed the earlier speakers you have an opportunity to purchase this invaluable series of natural health experts for a most reasonable price and don’t forget your complimentary gifts which you can download.
There is a REPLAY link below with this past week’s speakers and their generously discounted specialized packages. If a speaker resonates with you; make your purchase to start implementing the Natural Health practices to for your health and well-being.  The REPLAYS and specially priced packages EXPIRES:  11:59pm. Sunday, October 5, 2014.
“Dr. Schuster is the Epitome of a Contributor to Society.”   ~Camille Mitchell 
Dr. Alexander Schuster specializes in the use of neurofeedback to help address brain-related issues such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders, ADHD, memory issues, traumatic brain injuries, autism, sleep, deep relaxation states and more. In addition to his Level 1 and Level 2 training, he has also been trained in alpha-theta deep states, and is currently a candidate for BCIA certification. He is also a member of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB) and the Florida Society of Biofeedback.

Dr. Schuster received his Ph.D. in Medical Physics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland, and perfected his research skills as post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Bioengineering at the University of California, San Diego. During his extensive training and work in medical research, he realized that in order to solve our current healthcare system crisis, an exclusive reliance on drugs and surgery may not be the answer. This led him to pursue additional schooling in Naturopathic Medicine at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Tempe, AZ. As part of his passion to share his knowledge with others, he also teaches Anatomy & Physiology to nursing and physical therapy students as part-time faculty at Keiser University, Sarasota, FL.

Contribute_quote Dr. Brene' Brown


I will own my superpower_quote Dr. Brene' Brown

Everyone has their own health challenges and favorite health subjects’ however, there are a few guest speaker I would like to call your attention to:
1.  Adam Heller, Zero Pain NOW  (Eliminate or greatly reduce chronic pain)
2.  Jonathan Bailor, The Calorie Myth (Feast like royalty–please download your complimentary gift)
3.  Norma Hollis, Your Ultimate Joy Prescription (When you are “on purpose”; you experience JOY)  [REPLAY available]
4.  Dr. Symeon Rodger, Rock Solid Health, Qi Gongs (Become rock solid without running a matron)  [REPLAY available]
To Your Health & Well Being!

Camille Mitchell

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Your Ultimate Joy Prescription for Vibrant Health ~ with Norma Hollis [Amazing REPLAY]

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Hello Everyone:
Some of you may know that Norma Hollis, founder Norma Hollis is from Detroit, Michigan and a friend of mine.  I listened to her telewebinar with Dr. Alex Schuster, founder Natural Health Summit and I must say Norma was “Spot On!” notbecause I’m a friend of hers; but, because once you listen to the REPLAY (click on Replay button below) you will know that she’s a pioneer in her field and a consummate professional in helping parents to develop their children’s gifts/talents. – 
For us grownups; if you are unhappy or do not experience much JOYyou’ll be able to find your true gifts/talents which can lead to a new career or business and better relationships.   If you are currently doing what you love; Norma’s program can assist you with developing your team(s) so that your career or business functions and prospers at a higher level.
Please Note:  The REPLAY and Norma’s Ultimate Joy Prescription Package is offered especially for you at a 89% discount.  This generous offers expires at 11:59pm Sunday, October 5, 2014.  
For Norma’s special package contents and pricing


Camille Mitchell

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REPLY in subject line to:   “UNSUBSCRIBE”

Join the World’s Best Natural Health Doctors, Healers & Masters!
Our Mission: To Promote Natural, Cutting-Edge, Science-Based Alternatives to Conventional Therapies,
to Prevent Unnecessary Suffering, and Save 100,000 or More Lives

~ Amazing REPLAY: Your Ultimate Joy Prescription for Vibrant Health –
How to find and live your purpose for more joy, success, and health…

with Norma Hollis and Dr. Alex Schuster


EVERYONE I KNOW WANTS MORE JOY IN THEIR LIFE. DON’T YOU?Image what your life would be like if you knew how to tap the joy within. Yes, there is joy within you and YOU hold the key to its unveiling. Joy is waiting for you to make friends with it so you can feel happy, blissful, cheerful, optimistic, enthusiastic and successful with a sense of well-being and contentment.

Are you unhappy with what you do day-to-day? (uncover your AUTHENTIC VOICE, your seed of purpose)…
Are you frustrated with your money situation? (when you live your true purpose in life, money comes POURING IN)…
Have you been challenged by weight or other health issues? (when you’re not living your life’s purpose, the Universe sends you a ‘clue’)…
Then join America’s Leading Authenticity Expert Norma Hollis on today’s call.


Here’s What People Are Saying…
“What I have experienced through meeting with you has been incredible. Growth, joy and the freedom to choose who we are and who we want to become in this world is so important to me that I have an unquenchable passion to share this with others.”
“I don’t know where I can get this level of understanding on any program that I’ve ever been with. It’s metaphysical, psychological, ecological, spiritual, intellectual and everything else. I love it and wouldn’t miss it. It is making me a better person while making me a better speaker.”
You will leave this session knowing:
  • How to find your Authentic Path…
  • How to achieve greater clarity and confirmation of your reason for being on this planet, honoring the human spirit within…
  • Uncover your true purpose in life, giving greater meaning to your life, and leading to true happiness…
  • How to to fully and authentically show up in your life, so that life becomes easy, and more enjoyable…
  • Uncover your “authentic voice”, your seed of purpose, and how to nurture this seed…
  • Learn about the 9 dimensions of authenticity…
  • How you can use the Golden Grid of Authenticity to live the beautiful and fulfilling life you were born to live…
  • and much, much more!…
More Amazing Comments…
“Norma I so love and appreciate your sharing and authenticity. I have attended your events and was mesmerized by the way you not only motivated but inspired me to embrace and follow through with my passion and purpose. Thank you for all that you bring to the table, I must say that I was truly fed. I look forward to being a part of your upcoming events.”
~ Khephera Jesal, Detroit, MI
“I will always remember this weekend as the “catalyst” that propelled me into purposed action to write my career services & soft skills professional guide. Thank you, Norma, for that enormous “flash” of inspiration. You helped me find my joy!”
~ Rita Clark, Associate Director of Career Services, Dorsey Schools, Detroit, MI


About our guest Norma Hollis:

Norma T. Hollis believes in the strength of the human spirit. She is a prolific, multi-gifted, transformational artist who expresses herself as a mentor, speaker and trainer. Her passion is creating programs and practices that help people find, live and share the spirit that lives within. Her signature work is the Authenticity Assessment and Authenticity Grid, tools she uses for individuals and corporations. She builds leaders and transforms lives with her unique gift of discovering practical application to complex ideas. Known as America’s Leading Authentic Voice Doctor®, Norma can help you find the most authentic part of yourself and show you how being authentic leads to ultimate joy. She works with speakers, trainers, coaches, authors, women and socially conscious entrepreneurs. Her work is expanded through Authenticity Ambassadors and Authenticity Coaches who work in multiple industries and disciplines to help you find, live and share your authentic voice.

The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

If you have any problems please contact us at:

Thank you for sharing our mission with your friends and family. I look forward to serving you so that you can create Vibrant Health as well. Take advantage of this amazing information. You deserve nothing but the best! This is it! Vibrant Health is your Divine Birth Right! – Isn’t it your time?

Don’t forget: the replay is available for a limited time only!

In Vibrant Health, Best Wishes,
Dr. Alexander Schuster, N.D., Ph.D.
Founder and Transformational Healer
Professor, Author and Host



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The Early Bird Gets The Membership! — Rapid Speaking Success Private Coaching Program with Norma Hollis

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Everyone Good Morning!

Norma Hollis gives an in depth interview in the video below on the benefits of her Rapid Speaking Success Private Coaching Program that people are excited about.  This membership has a limited capacity; so you will want to join ASAP.
Norma’s program will provide you with options to increase your income and self confidence.  Her program can give you an additional stream of earnings to supplement your current income or it cam become a brand new career.
Rapid Speaking Success Private Coaching Program has a 30-day 100% money back guaranteed. 
For  further questions; contact Norma at:
Make it a Fantastic Weekend!

Camille Mitchell
NCM Enterprises

Norma Thompson Hollis, Inc.
The Early Bird Gets The Membership!

Norma HollisDear Norma Camille

In response to all the emails I’ve been getting about the program, Linda Walker interviewed me and I’ve put it up on this website.

Check it out:

Click Here to View Video

Rapid Speaking Success Private Coaching Program is finally live (just for you). Make sure you pick up your membership before it fills and I have to close it down.

This will not stay open indefinitely.

Click Here to View Video

No hype, no fluff, just straight talk about how to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

My tip for today? Pick it up here:

Click Here to View the Video

With Success,

Norma Hollis

P.S.: I’m so happy that you will be joining me in the program. I look forward to hearing more about your message and helping you get it out to the world!

Click Here to View Video