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Days before a crucial Republican presidential primary in Michigan, President Obama’s re-election campaign is launching a new television ad in the state highlighting the revival of General Motors and Chrysler after a multibillion-dollar federal bailout. Mirroring the ad Clint Eastwood cut for the Superbowl, the new spot (30 second video below) notes that none of the Republican presidential hopefuls supported federal intervention and that Mitt Romney even penned an op-ed essay in the New York Times titled “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.”

My February 6, 2012 blog post has the Clint Eastwood Superbowl video at: Clint Eastwood – It’s Halftime in America
                           Michigan’s Auto Revival 
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Following chart from:  Barack Obama Auto Recovery


In 2009, the President decided to extend emergency loans to GM and Chrysler—preventing the collapse of a major American industry:

The Rescue

  • More than 1.1 million jobs saved in 2009, more than 310,000 jobs saved in 2010, and nearly $97 billion in personal income losses prevented
  • More than 200,000 jobs added since June 2009—the most growth in a decade
  • Industry expects to add 167,000 jobs by 2015

The Impact

  • 21.8 percent of Michigan’s workforce is supported by the auto industry
  • 1 in 25 American jobs rely on a healthy auto industry
  • All Big Three automakers—GM, Chrysler, and Ford—are profitable for the first time in seven years.

The Success

  • All outstanding loans have been repaid to the federal government
  • GM and Chrysler sold 3.8 million vehicles in the U.S. in 2011—up 14 and 26 percent respectively from 2010
  • GM is back on top as the world’s number one automaker
Michigan is already playing a key role in this election — and as Republicans go to the polls for their primary this Tuesday, February 28th, we’ll be using their big day to out-organize each and every one of their contenders.Volunteers across Michigan are hosting primary day house parties this Tuesday in cities all over our state. So while Republicans cast their ballots, we’ll be getting together to prepare for the months ahead and build the grassroots here in Michigan.

There’s a party in Detroit. Come out, and bring your friends and neighbors, as we show our support for President Obama and Michigan’s Democrats.

Here are the details:

What: Primary day house partyWhere: 2727 Second Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201

When: Tuesday, February 28th
7:00 pm

RSVP now

The contrast in this election couldn’t be more stark. While President Obama took decisive action to help turn our economy around and revive America’s auto industry, this year’s crop of Republican candidates still says we should not have rescued the auto industry — and Mitt Romney has even defended his claim that we should have “let Detroit go bankrupt.”

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