Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve been reading my Thanksgiving greetings from friends and associates and I must say that the greeting from my friend Norma Hollis conveyed the most poignant message I believe many of you can relate to.

Feel free to share Norma’s greeting.

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Happy Authentic Tuesday!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you thoroughly enjoy Thanksgiving Day as well as the entire holiday season.
As we enter the season, I’m reminded of the meaning behind Thanksgiving. It’s as simple as giving thanks. Being thankful is a state of mind. All kinds of things could be happening around us yet we can still be thankful.
While many people protest the recent election and are fearful of what the next four years may bring, I am thankful to have been born in a country where I can vote and freely voice my opinion by the words I speak and the things I do.
Even though I have had challenges as an entrepreneur, especially in financial areas from time to time, I am thankful that I have the choice of being an entrepreneur as a viable way to express myself and follow my spirit.
Some countries denounce religious freedom and require residents to follow only one rule of order. I am thankful that I live in a country where I can follow my spirit and believe as I choose.
Even though I have had multiple health problems since I was eight years old, I am thankful to have lived as long as I have with the health and energy I enjoy.
And in spite of not having any close family members nearby, I am thankful for my expansive extended family and the deep relationships I have developed.
Most of us have stories that we are constantly overcoming. It’s a part of being human on this planet. We have a choice of being scarred from our experiences or finding lessons and the joy that comes from the lessons.
On this Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season I hope you will adapt an attitude of gratitude. As you practice such gratitude over the next six weeks or so, I hope that it becomes such a habit that you adopt an attitude of gratitude as a way of life.
The more gratitude you express, the more you will impact your world to be more thankful and express attitudes that lead to joy. Joy leads to authenticity. What a wonderful way to claim it!
Love and Authenticity,
NCM Blog
November 24, 2016
Camille Mitchell

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