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The Young Turks video below has a different analysis of the fallout over Matt Lauer’s moderating skills during the Commander-in-Chief Forum on Wednesday.

Ana Kasparian, co-host & producer

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YOUR MISSION…should you decide to accept
In pursuit of objectivity, some members of the press have lowered the bar for Trump, painting him as a run-of-the-mill candidate with strengths and weaknesses like anyone else — and like Hillary.
But Trump is not typical, and this election is not normal. He is dangerous, purposefully divisive, and has a tenuous relationship with the truth.
So that means, in this campaign, we have to do what the press won’t. We have to run ads and staff organizers in critical places where we can get the truth to voters to make sure no matter what headlines they read, they know the stakes.
Be the Media!
(social media and/or traditional)
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September 8, 2016