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When we talk about “swoon” worthy couples, it doesn’t get any hotter than Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid and David Robert Jones.  Both Iman and David Bowie have had successful careers in their own right, but when this beautiful couple married in 1992, they became a trail blazing power couple.  Bowie is a Grammy award winning musical icon, who is respected for his distinctive voice, unique fashion sense and intellect. 
The name Iman means “faith” in Arabic, and that is just what this iconic Somali model gives to the world.  In 1994, Iman became the first woman of color to launch a skin-care and makeup brand for women of color with Iman Cosmetics.  In addition to running a global beauty empire, Iman is also a humanitarian. She works closely with several AIDS and human rights charities and she  is a spokesperson for the Keep a Child Alive program.  Their love story is one for the ages.
The Proposal

To win Iman for life, David took her on a private cruise along the Seine River in Paris. He had a chef prepare a delicious gourmet dinner and afterward a pianist played while he serenaded Iman.  He proposed to her under the Pont Neuf bridge while singing his version of Doris Day’s “April in Paris.

​David Bowie and Iman were married in 
Florence, Italy June 1992

​Their Wedding and Marriage


In April 1992, Iman married David in a private civil ceremony in Switzerland.  In June 1992, the couple celebrated their marriage in style with a church ceremony in Florence, Italy one of their favorite vacation spots. David’s son Ducan, was the best man.

 For her entrance, Iman ditched the traditional “Here Comes the Bride” and came down the aisle to a Bulgarian folk song called “Kalimankou Denkou” or “The Evening Gathering.”  

Bowie composed the other music that was played during the ceremony. Sixty-eight people were invited to the wedding. Iman wore a Herve Leger gown and David wore black tails designed by Thierry Mugler. Both designers were at the wedding, and other famous guests included Yoko Ono and Bono. Their reception was held at theVilla  LA  Massa hotel, a sixteenth century Medici mansion.

David and Iman at their wedding
His gaze says it all 
Iman looks on as David feeds their daughter 
​Alexandria Zahra born in 2000

In 2000, Iman gave birth to their daughter Alexandria Zahra Jones. The couple keeps their daughter away from the spotlight. Iman explained in an interview, “There are no pictures of me working as a model at home, because home is home – the office has that. She didn’t even know for a long time I was a model, she only knew I had a cosmetics company. 

It’s the same with her father. When we walk outside, she sees how people react, but at home he’s just dad to her. But nobody has lied about their past. It’s an open book. If she wants to discuss it, it will be discussed.”

The couple were married for 23 years! How do they make it work?  In an interviewIman reflected, “’The secrets to a happy marriage are, you have to talk to each other all the time and the other one is have fun together. You have to really like the person and enjoy their company too. […] we are never apart. We have dates, you know – we’ll go to a museum, then we’ll have a long lunch. That’s what’s interesting, that’s what’s exciting.”

David kisses his daughter ​Alexandria Zahra_2000

Timeless Words of Love

David’s love for Iman is heartwarming.  In an interview he shared, “I’m enormously proud of Iman. She made broad strokes when she came to America, and opened doors for women of color. […]  You would think that a rockstar being married to a supermodel would be one of the greatest things in the world. It is.”  : )

Iman feels just as strongly.  She said this about David in an interview with The Sunday Times newspaper’s Style Magazine:  ”First, you fancy each other – that doesn’t go. It might take different forms, but he’s good company. He’s funny, he’s engaging, he’s whip-smart, he’s interested in diverse things. It keeps on evolving – it doesn’t stay sedentary.”

​Supermodel Iman and musician David Bowie at the
Metropolitian Museum of Art Costume Institue Gala,
Superheroes:  Fashion and Fantasy
May 5, 2008 in New York City.
David and Iman at one of their homes on the Island 
of  Mustique Bali, Indonesian.  Pose is from a 2011
photo shoot for Architectural Digest.  
David’s ashes will be scattered over Bali.  

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