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Below follows the FULL video of the 7th Democratic debate last night.
The next GOP debates take place tomorrow Saturday, February 13, 2016.   See the debate, caucus and primary schedules below.
Bernie Sanders, senator and Hillary Clinton, former
secretary of state debate hosted by PBS in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin February 11, 2016 
​Hillary Clinton making a point during the debate, 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin_February 11, 2016
“Only 48 hours after getting demolished in NH, impressive performance for Hillary Clinton. Better tone. Picked her shots.”   —David Axelrod, former adviser to President Obama

“I can’t shake the feeling that everything Bernie Sanders knows about foreign policy came from the world politics section of a used bookstore.” — Daniel Drezner, professor of international politics at Tufts University
Gwen Ifill (left)  and Judy Woodruff, co-anchors 
PBS.  Gwen and Judy are the first woman duo to
moderate Democratic presidential debate
February 11, 2016
Sat., February 20, 2016 –  Democrats
Tues., February 23, 2016 – GOP

Sat., February 20, 2016 –  GOP
Sat., February 27, 2016 –  Democrats

Next GOP debate – Sat., Feb. 13, 2016 – CBS
Next GOP debate – Thurs., Feb. 25, 2016 – CNN
Next Democratic debate –  Sun., March. 6, 2016 TBD(Flint, Michigan)
Next Democratic debate – Wed., March 9, 2016 TBD
Prior debates
You can view all prior full debates by click on either the GOP or Democratic debate schedule links above.  You will find the full debate link highlighted in RED.
Please feel free to pass this post onto someone who may have missed them.  
The more information people have about each candidates’ positions, their vision, their competence and last but not least their temperament; the better their selection process will be. 
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February 1, 2016
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