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YouTube stars Ingrid Nilsen, Destin Sandlin, and sWooZie sat down with President Obama
to ask questions following the State of the Union.

Live from the East Room of the White House, YouTube creators Ingrid Nilsen, Destin Sandlin of “Smarter of Everyday,” and sWooZie sat down with President Obama to discuss the issues that they and their fans care the most about. During the conversation, the President spoke about community policing, investments in space exploration, and the future of LGBT rights in America. He also weighed in the properties of the element “Obamium” and shared the stories behind some of the trinkets in his pocket today.This interview continues our efforts to meet people where they are — and make it possible for people around the country to watch and engage with the State of the Union in new ways. Check out the conversation below with Ingrid, Destin, and sWooZie about the year ahead and the issues that will shape our country in the generations to come.

President Obama is interview by Ingrid Nilsen after his final State of the Union address_January 12, 2016​
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January 13, 2016