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If you were preparing for the holidays last night and did not get a chance to see the Democratic debate; click on the link below.  This was the final primary debate this year.  The debates will pick-up again mid-January 2016 (see debate schedule below)
If you missed prior debates
You can view all prior full debates by click on either the GOP or Democratic debate schedule links below.  You will find their link highlighted in RED.
Please feel free to pass this post onto someone who perhaps had to work and missed them.  
The more information people have about each candidates’ positions, their vision, their competence and last but not least their temperament; the better their selection process will be. 
​Bernie Sanders, senator, Hillary Clinton, former 
secretary of state Hillary and Martin O’Malley, former governor_December 19, 2015
​Bernie and Hillary share a light moment–in stark 
contrast to the GOP candidates 
Martha Raddatz was through, tough and a debate moderator that stands out..
Debate moderators ​David Muir, anchor ABC and 
Martha Raddatz, global affairs correspondent ABC
December 19, 2015

​​Saint Anselm College (the debate venue) 

Manchester, New Hampshire

January 2016
 Next GOP debate – Thurs., Jan. 14, 2016 – FOX
Happy Holidays!