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I thought I was going to initially write that I believed the moderate right and the fringed extreme right would or should be disappointed in the Republican party handling of the October 22, 2015 Benghazi Hearing.
However, practically the vast majority of news articles and pundits admitted the Benghazi Hearing was a “Bust”.  Last time I looked there were more than 12 articles with that term to describe the GOP’s handling of the hearing..
Below is the FULL 11 hr. Benghazi hearing.  Note:  the times below of the schedule of the various stages. 
OPENING Statements
0-6 min.– people milling around and former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, enters
6-22 min. OPENING statement Trey Gowdy, chairman of the Benghazi hearingCongressman GOP 
22-32 min. OPENING statement Elijah Cummings, ranking member of the Benghazi hearing Congressman Democrat
32-50 min. OPENING statement by the Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton
50 min. mark to 3:25 hr. – Questions from both Republicans and Democrats.
LUNCH BREAK – about 1 hr. Fox News replays some of the earlier footage during the break
4:20 hr. Back from lunch and questioning commences
5:55 hr. BREAK – about 1 hr.- Fox News replays some of the earlier footage
7:07 hr. Back from break and questioning commences
8:09 hr.  BREAK – 25 min. – Fox News shows people milling around
8:35 hr.Back from break
11:05 hr. –  ADJOURN
The Honorable Hillary Clinton answers questions as 
(left in shawl) Cheryl Mills, senior adviser & counsel
listens & provides advise to Hillary_Oct. 22, 2015
Congressman Elijah Cummings
The article below from Elijah Cummings tour-de-force defense also has 3 short video clips from the hearing contained in the article.
3 min. – Opening statement
3 min. – Sparing with Trey Gowdy over releasing emails from the closed hearing with some of Hillary Clinton’s staff.
6 min. – On the GOP’s attempts to wear Hillary down (going into the 11th hour)looking for a Gotta! moment.
Trey Gowdy and Elijah Cummings sparing ​at the 
Benghazi hearing_Oct. 22, 2015
​Hillary gives Elijah a big hug while Trey got a 
handshake after the hearing_Oct. 22, 2015
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