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I had the opportunity to hear Kamala D. Harris at a conference luncheon in 2004 and she is intelligent, personable and one tough prosecutor.  Kamala Harris is a candidate for U.S. Senator.  She would replace U.S Senator Barbara Boxer from California who is retiring.  Please share this information if you have friends who are California residents.   Senate announcement at: KamalaHarris.org   

Kamala D. Harris is the 32nd Attorney General of the State of California. She is the first woman, the first African American, and the first South Asian to hold the office in the history of California.

As chief law enforcement officer for the State of California, Attorney General Harris has focused on combating transnational gangs, increasing the adoption of technology and data-driven policing by law enforcement, and improving public safety by reducing recidivism. She has fought to reduce elementary school truancy in California, preserve the state’s natural resources, and ensure marriage equality for all Californians. She has also worked with the technology industry to improve online privacy and safety. Following the national mortgage crisis, Attorney General Harris secured more than $20 billion for struggling California homeowners from the nation’s banks and wrote the nation’s most comprehensive package of foreclosure reforms.

Attorney General Harris began her career in the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, where she specialized in prosecuting child sexual assault cases. In 1998, she joined the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, where she led the Career Criminal Unit. She also served as the head of the San Francisco City Attorney’s Division on Children and Families.

Born in Oakland, California, Attorney General Harris received her undergraduate degree from Howard University and her law degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. Attorney General Harris is married to Doug Emhoff and is the author of the book Smart on Crime: A Career Prosecutor’s Plan to Make Us Safer.  Kamala Devi Harris Bio

The interview below took place on Friday, October 9, 2015 and will give you a good picture of her platform.

​Kamala Devi Harris
Attorney General of California
Kamala Devi Harris sworn-in as Attorney General of
California by Her Excellency Margarita Cedeno
de Fernandez as Kamala’s sister Maya holds
the Bible _January 2011​
Kamala Harris D.A. of San Francisco 
President Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama
October 2010
The old approaches to fighting crime just aren’t working. Two thirds of people released from prison commit another crime within two years. In Smart on Crime,career prosecutor Kamala D. Harris shatters the old distinctions, rooted in false choices and myths, and offers a compelling argument for how to make the criminal justice system truly, not just rhetorically, tough. Harris spells out the necessary shifts that will increase public safety, reduce costs, and strengthen our communities when our politicians and law enforcement officials learn how to become tough and smart on crime.  Smart on Crime Oct. 2009 at Amazon.com
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