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A new Miss America was crowned on Sunday; but, an apology to Vanessa Williams stole the show
The New York Times article below includes a brief video clip performing of her songs last night with an apology from Sam Haskell, executive chairman of Miss America pageant. 
Note:  Mr. Haskell was not with Miss America in 1984; however, when I heard Mr. Haskell apology to Vanessa; I said, “Here is someone who has integrity and character”.  I did some research and sure enough his reputation is impeccable.
Sam Haskell, former Executive Vice President and Worldwide Head of Television for the venerable William Morris Agency, who, at age 52, was named in 2007 by TV Week as one of the 25 Most Innovative and Influential People in Television over the last quarter century.
Sam authored the autobiographical memoir with life lessons, “Promises I Made My Mother” published in 2009 and is a national bestseller.  It’s an incisive, compelling, deeply personal and spiritually-enriching story about living a principled life in unprincipled times
Mr. Haskell, widely recognized for rising to the top of a turbulent and often times conscienceless business with his character, integrity and value-system intact.  
Helen Williams (Vanessa’s mother–see her reaction in video clip)  was clearly overjoyed by the apology made to her daughter and Vanessa was surprised by the unexpected apology.   
Sam Haskell, executive chairman of the Miss America
 pageant apologizes to Vanessa Williams
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September 9, 2015

​Sam Haskell, Exec, Chairman, Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell 
(Georgia), Vanessa Williams & talent producer Brian Edwards