From Hillary,
In Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book Hard Choices; she said her happiest time was Chelsea’s wedding in 2010 and her saddest times was the following year in 2011 when her mother Dorothy Rodham passed.
When you read the article below you will be able to see how Hillary’s character was formed at a young age when it could have clearly gone the other way if not for her mother’s attitude and incredible spirit.
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Hillary Rodham Clinton and her mother, Dorothy Rodham, at a hotel in New York in 1992.
JUNE 12, 2015
NY Times

Dorothy Howell was 8 years old when her parents sent her away. It was 1927. Her mother and father, who fought violently in the Chicago boardinghouse where the family lived, divorced. Neither was willing to take care of Dorothy or her little sister.

So they put the girls on a train to California to live with their grandparents. It did not go well. Her grandmother favored black Victorian dresses and punished the girls for inexplicable infractions, like playing in the yard. (Dorothy was not allowed to leave her room for a year, other than for school, after she went trick-or-treating one Halloween.)

Unable to bear it, Dorothy left her grandparents’ home at 14, and became a housekeeper for $3 a week, always hoping to return to Chicago and reconnect with her mother. But when she finally did, a few years later, her mother spurned her again.

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Hillary Rodham Clinton, Dorothy Rodham with Chelsea Clinton 

Mezvinsky on her wedding day_July 31, 2010.

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June 29, 2015

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