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The site below is about debunking conspiracy theories and vicious lies that are coming out about Hillary Clinton and will be around thur the 2016 campaigning for president and after Hillary becomes president.  
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My friend, Annie liked and was really good about debunking untruths during the 2012presidential campaign.  I on the other hand liked promoting the good news about President Obama.  
Each of us has a role to play to elect Hillary Clinton. She has a bunch of mean candidates, many clowns and numerous detractors and out right negative hateful people who want their person in the White House to take everyone back in time.
FYI:  If you come across an article, etc you want to send out to your associates as an untruth to debunk or even good news; please verify your information at least one or two times with other sources like a different news article, a radio or news announcement.  If you don’t know the author; check out their background on Google. If using the large portions or the entire article–credit the author and or news, magazine, etc.before releasing.
The short video clip below debunks the most recent untruths about Hillary and please note I’m not suggesting that Hillary has no shortcoming; however, compared to all the other yahoos (boorish); Hillary is the most qualified and has your and the country’s best interest in her heart and mind.
I encourage you to download the free e-book below The Hunting of Hillary by two veteran journalists. download for free
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Hillary for America

Camille, you and I both know that Republicans will latch on to whatever far-flung theories they can find in order to try and distract from Hillary’s record of fighting for everyday Americans.

That’s why we’re kicking off The Briefing, your go-to source for the facts you need to set the story straight.

Today, we’re debunking some of the worst conspiracy theories in Clinton Cash, the latest “book” trashing Hillary’s record of service.

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The Briefing will be your regular download on what you can do to help fight back against attacks like these. We’ll keep you current on the latest news stories — both fact and fiction — so you can pass on the truth to your friends and family.

Facts matter, and you deserve to know them. So check out this first video and then put your name on the list to get regular Briefings:




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Take a look at the message below from Correct The Record, a rapid-response organization dedicated to defending Hillary against baseless attacks. Enjoy!
— Ready PAC
Joe Conason and Gene Lyons are veteran journalist


You’ve probably heard about the so-called Clinton “scandals.” Now, thanks to a new e-book, you can separate fact from fiction.

 For a limited time only, “The Hunting of Hillary” is available to download for free. Drawn from the pages of the national bestseller, The Hunting of the President: The Ten-Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton,”

“The Hunting of Hillary” gives you the facts about her story and ultimate vindication.You have less than a week (Wednesday, July 1st) to take advantage of this offer! GET YOUR COPY BEFORE TIME RUNS OUT

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