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Here is an exciting way to join Hillary’s launch house party in Iowa on Saturday, June 13th.  Your associates are invited, too. 
To start receiving information; go to:  Join Hillary Clinton’s E-mail 

Let’s get this party started.

Hillary for America

Camille —

Mark your calendar: Our campaign will officially launch on June 13th.

Right after Hillary lays out her vision for the country in her first big campaign speech in New York City, she’s jumping on a plane and flying to Iowa, where she’ll join a local house party.

That’s where you come in: We’re setting up a video chat to connect that party in Iowa with house parties all across the country.

Will you host an official Hillary for America house party on June 13th?

Old-school organizing on the community level is at the core of our campaign strategy. By hosting a house party and inviting your neighbors and friends over, you’re building this campaign where it counts: in your neighborhood.

Hosting a house party allows you to bring together folks who are eager to step up and make a difference. All you need is room for friends and the folks who RSVP. (Remember, every event created on HillaryClinton.com will be open to the public — so make sure yours sounds exciting! Pro tip: Everyone loves snacks.)

Sign up right now if you’re up for opening your home as an official launch host:


We’ll follow up soon with suggested activities and info on how to connect with Hillary’s house party in Iowa.

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Marlon Marshall
Director of State Campaigns and Political Engagement
Hillary for America




Contributions or gifts to Hillary for America are not tax deductible..

Hillary for America, P.O. Box 5256, New York, NY 10185

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(Note:  Time frame is tentative and will be announced via Hillary’s campaign e-mails and/or event website.); however, you can start planning for an evening time frame on June 13th.  You can join a launch party or host your own.

JUNE 13, 2015, 5:00PM—10:00PM EDT

Let’s Get Ready for Hillary

Today is the day! Hillary Clinton will launch her platform from NYC and we are going to be a part of it even though we are in the Mitten. Let’s all come together to here what Hill has to say about where our country needs to go. This campaign is about so much, it is about every generation, the current problems and age old problems that still need solutions lets help out Hillary so that we can work towards solving these problems. Let’s get to work and let’s get started. #scrunchietime #Hillary2016

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June 2, 2015

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