Hello Everyone:
This is the fourth year of Joining Forces an initiative created by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden to assist the men and women that serve in our U.S. military, their spouses and children.
In the video below, David Letterman interviews Michelle Obama. The first 7 minutes Michelle and David discuss his retirement from TV and raising their children prior to interviewing Michelle about Joining Forces and the needs of our military personnel.  You’ll learn the progress that has been achieved since it’s launch in 2011 and the initiative’s ongoing outreach.
A one-of-a-kind surprise is presented to Dave
They talk about the importance of education and Michelle presents David with a one-of-a-kind surprise at the conclusion of their interview.
​Michelle Obama enjoying a good laugh at one of 
David Letterman’s comments_April 30, 2015
May 2011 launch year of Joining Forces 

For more information and how you can assist; visit:  JoiningForces.gov
Enjoy your Memorial Day!
Camille Mitchell

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