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May 7, 2015

TOMS the company known for starting a global movement through its One for One business model has launched its eighth annual One Day Without Shoes campaign today to raise awareness for children’s health and education.

One Day Without Shoes is the initiative each year that TOMS raises awareness of the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child’s life.

HEALTH Concerns
Medical Students participating in TOMS One Day Without Shoes at 
Medical Faculty at Quest International University in Perak, Maylasia​

Millions of children around the world grow up without shoes, at risk of infection and disease. Children lacking access to education and good health struggle to break the poverty cycle for themselves, their families and their communities. With the complex issues surrounding poverty, there is not one solution, but many working together. TOMS believes that shoes play an important role in helping keep children healthy, educated and moving toward opportunities for a better future. Some notable statistics to consider:

  • Health Podoconiosis is a debilitating disease that causes extremely painful swelling of the feet and legs. Podoconiosis affects more than 4 million people in at least 15 countries.
  • Education Providing children with school uniforms – which often include shoes – can increase school attendance by 62%.
  • EmpowermentWhen shoes are integrated into programs with larger community development goals, they empower children and their families to get the care and support they need.
2nd way you can participate with a photo
May 5th – May 21st 


This year, from May 5th – May 21st, for every photo of bare feet tagged on Instagram  #withoutshoes, TOMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need no purchase necessary.

“This year’s One Day Without Shoes (ODWS) will be different than any we’ve ever done,” said Blake Mycoskie. “We’re extending the timeframe to build awareness and anticipation, but most importantly, so that more people can participate in an effort to give more. The best part is that even if someone is not a TOMS customer, he or she can simply take a photo and post #withoutshoesto make sure a child in need somewhere in the world will get a new pair.”

CLEAR Channel

For this year’s ODWS, TOMS has attracted the support of Clear Channel,which will help raise awareness for the campaign through their network of digital advertising spaces across the country.

“Clear Channel Outdoor Americas (CCOA) is proud to leverage our digital out of home network in partnership with TOMS to support respected charitable organizations around the world as they help children,” said Scott Wells, CEO, CCOA.

TOMS’ Giving Partners for the campaign include respected organizations such as IOCC in Ethiopia and Magic Bus in India. 

For more information about One Day Without Shoes, please visit:

TOMS Story 2015

In 2006, American traveler Blake Mycoskie befriended children in a village in Argentina and found they had no shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he created TOMS, a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. One for One.

Realizing that One for One could serve other global needs, Blake launched TOMS Eyewear in 2011 to help restore sight to persons in need with every purchase of sunglasses and optical frames. In 2014, TOMS Roasting Co.launched with the mission to provide clean water to developing communities with the purchase of premium coffee.

The most recent TOMS give is tied into the TOMS Bag Collection, which launched in early 2015, and helps to provide safe births to mothers and babies in need through skilled birth attendant training and birth kits.

TOMS is in business to help improve lives. We identify global needs and create products to help address them. This simple idea is what makes us more than a company we’re a movement that’s continually evolving.

3rd way you can participate with a purchase for yourself or a gift for a friend
Any day of the year 

You can always purchase a pair of TOMS Shoes or other TOMS products and shoes or a contribution will be made with your purchase.  Visit:  TOMS Shoes Website

 Blake Mycoskie, founder & chief shoe giver helps a young girl with putting 
on her TOMS Shoes.  TOMS gives to 70 countries including the U.S.A.
TOMS shoes are manufactured and create jobs for local citizens  in 
Argentina, China, Ethiopia, Haiti, Kenya and the U.S.
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