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If you missed the YouTube Creators Interview yesterday, January 22, 2015 with President Obama; click on the link below for three interviewers that have hundreds of thousands or millions of views on their YouTube channels.  These interviews are thoughtful and fun.  I won’t spoil the surprise moments.
You can also watch President Obama’s enhanced State of the Union Address on January 20, 2015. If you never seen an enhanced version; it really does enhance the address,

Hank Green, GloZell Green, President Obama and Bethany Mota take a selfie

Thursday, January 22, 2015
  • Hank Green — One of the main voices in YouTube’s vibrant education community, Hank and his brother John produce content on a variety of topics, ranging from science to the environment to current events.
  • Bethany Mota — An iconic young millenial creator, Bethany connects with her subscribers around life as a young woman growing up in America.
  • GloZell Green — The most-followed African American woman on YouTube, GloZell engages her audience in conversations about topics such as music, popular culture, and current events.


2nd Annual Big Block of Cheese Day

The White House has a long history of opening its doors — digital or otherwise.  Even cast members from the West Wing got in on the fun making a promo video.


After President Thomas Jefferson’s 1805 swearing-in ceremony at the U.S. Capitol, guests followed him home, forming one of our country’s earliest inaugural parades in the process.

The Lincoln White House’s stairways and halls were constantly packed with members of the public. Sometimes, they climbed through windows to get in.

And President Andrew Jackson — as the White House’s digital platforms have now immortalized — had a 1,400-pound block of cheese in the main foyer of the White House for an open house event with thousands of citizens and staff. Anyone could take a bite.

We’re here to let you know that level of access hasn’t fundamentally changed. It just looks a little bit different now.

[You can view Wednesday’s event’s topics that were tweeted to the Obama Administration from 9:15am – 6:00pm]

Welcome to the Second-Annual Big Block of Cheese Day, our virtual White House Open House. We’re really excited you’re here.  

All day long, members of the Administration are taking to social media to answer your questions about the President’s State of the Union Address last night, and whichever issue you care most about.

Camille Mitchell

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