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Devorah Spilman is generously sharing the REPLAYS of the 21 inspiring entrepreneurs that have created greater holistic and happy lives while expanding their client base to positively influence thousands of people not only in the United States but in multiple countries.
Most have written books and have regular speaking engagements.  They have seen their business revenues grow by using the power of their personal individual stories to relate to people .
REPLAYS will ONLY be available thur December 31, 2014.  I encourage you to listen to as many as you can (you can wrap gifts while listening) and download each speaker’s Free Gift to assist you in moving forward or redirecting your goals for 2015
To listen to the interviews:  : http://www.thepowerofstorysummit.com/thank-you/
You will find that when you click on the link; you can read each speaker’s “professional” press release Bio.  Each interview is about 45 minutes and don’t forget your Free Gift.  
The “personal stories” are contained in Devorah’s interview with each speaker about how they got to where they are now and how using the Power of Story establishes the “Know, Like and Trust” factor to relate to people better and increase abundance for their client and their selves and their respective businesses.
I’ve included the list of speaker names below with my take away of each speaker’s often dysfunctional or severely stressful life growing up. Even the relatively normal lives experienced a tragic event or had an AH! HA! awareness moment.  This is included so that you can scan and select the interviews you would like to hear first since it’s that busy time of the year.
1.  Nikkea Devidak
Nikkea negotiated & managed $200 million in Defense contracts at age 22.  Nikkea had an eating disorder,bulimia, collapsed and spent 4 months in hospital before being discharged from the military.
2.  Kathleen Hanagen
Kathleen closed her thriving practice to live a year in the Peruvian Andes because she was pulled by her vision
3.  Diane Crinklin
Diane is a business owner who is openly Gay.  She made a decision to close her business, move across the country with no income and worked one year for Free to learn from another successful mentor.
4.  Constance L. Arnold
Constance was pressure from the African-American community and family to conform and achieve the traditional external rewards of success.  She went bankrupt twice even though she was married to a wealthy husband.
5.  Jeff Sanders
Jeff treated his dog better than himself when it came to his own diet and health. He had an AH! HA! moment that turned him around with a new resolve.
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6.  Norma T. Hollis
Norma, experienced a severe earache for over a year at the age of 8.  Since no adult could cure her, Norma relied on her intuition to pull her though this very painful crisis.
7.  Krystalya Marie
Krystalya was sexually molested by her father, married two abusive husbands, stabbed by one and was working 80 hour weeks like a slave for a controlling boss
8.  Hazel Palache
Hazel’s father was a gambler and a rageaholic and abused her mother.  Hazel;s husband was a rageaholic.  She was divorced after 25 years and started a business after the age of 50 without a degree.
9.  Michelle Bersell
Michelle avoided the business side of her company and became six figures in debt.  A voice started waking her up every morning saying “to write”.
10.  Kris Miller
Kris journeyed across the dessert as a “spiritual hippie”  for 20 years.  Kris later got caught up in “Hollywood Style” life.  She became addicted before crashing.  She turned her life around and now owns a successful financial services business.
Don’t forget your FREE Gift that each speaker has for you.
11. Tracy Repchuck
Tracy became an award winning entrepreneur at the age of 19.  Within a relatively short period of time she master the relatively new computer industry and was one of the first persons to master an internet business. Then her fiance called off their wedding plans and sued Tracy for 50% of their business with her ex-fiance’s new wife. Shortly afterwards another business friend and partner sued her for the other 50%.
12.  Lisa Montanaro
Lisa is an Actress, attorney and professional organizer (systems).  These 3 passions and businesses were in conflict with each other–then she had AH! HA! moment and she now educates people on how to holistically pursue their top passions instead of being regulated to one career or passion.
13.  Dr. Sheri Hoff
Sheir grew up in a “normal: family until  her brother committed suicide at the age of fifteen.  Sheri struggled with sadness and depression for years before being able to tell her story which has freed her.
14.  Amethyst Wyldfyre
Amethyst came from an alcoholic, abusive co-dependent family.  Amethyst was In therapy since the age of twelve.  She married an abusive husband and had a “Bully”for a business partner.  She was in charge of numerous projects and her young son was sexually abused by someone at the Day Care center.  She collapsed and came across a YOGA instructor who radiated peaceful energy with  saving and transforming her.
15.  Mal Duane
Mal lead “train wreak” of a life of addiction, depression and loss from her teen years for over 25 years. She was on the verge of suicide….”
Don’t forget your FREE Gift that each speaker has for you.
16.  Callie Kares
Callie was shot in her back by her ex-boyfriend who almost murdered her parents.  She was paralyzed and could not walk.  How she overcame to walk again.
17.  Wesley Chapman
Wesley was severely abuse starting at age 1 till age 6.  He became an entrepreneur at age 8 and self-sufficient by age 16.  He was consulting at age 19 with Fortune 500 companies.  A school speech for abused teens changed his life.  He closed his business and founded Human Project. 
18.  Mike Rafati
Mike lead the life his family wanted for him and was successful; however, he spent years confused about what was his real passion.  Now he lives his real passion.
19.  Janine Elias
Janine did not finish high school.  She started a business and her business partner embezzled money.  She could not read and understand the financial statements.
She went back to school and is now a psychologist and has written books.
20.  Colleen Suchecki
Colleen started having repressed sexual abuse panic attacks and massive anxiety to the point where she would not go out of her home. she learned to transform her own healing.
21.  Jayne Rios
Jayne grew up with 5 step fathers.  She was on drugs for 2 years and in jail.  She developed an international video marketing company to be home with her children.
Devorah Spilman, Summit Host
A professional story teller and creator of this storyteller summit; Devorah provides us with a complimentary interactive 90 min.lesson and Q&A session on “How to Start Telling Your Story”.  
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Hi Camille,

I am sending you light, miracles, inspiration and a gift!  (See below) Tonight is the 3rd night of Hanukkah. Each night we light one more candle and we increase the power of light in the face of darkness, both in ourselves and in the world. May it be so for each of you! May this be a time of light and miracles in our lives and in our world!

I love the power of metaphor and symbols and light is a powerful one. Ask yourself where do you need more light and see light increasing and growing and shining and illuminating your way. When there is light we can see clearly and a new way opens before us and thus miracles are born.

It is a wondrous journey and our stories light the way for us and those who come behind us and need our wisdom, guidance and inspiration. When I began my work training people to find and use their stories in business I did not know how deep it would go. What you discover as you honor your true and deep stories is that they guide you and open for you a clear and powerful path that is yours alone to take.

We are each needed here in this world and when we find our true calling and story and let it out miracles happen along the way. And yes it is also a bumpy way. The bumps become our wisdom as we journey towards light. On the way we find our unique voice and vision to make a real and lasting difference in the world as only we each can do in our own way with our own powerful stories.


On The Power of Story Summit this is what we saw; each one of the experts shared a deep story that shaped them and their journey and led to greater success. SO my gift for you is the summit replays all in one place and all open for you to listen to right now. http://www.thepowerofstorysummit.com/thank-you/ For those of you who have written to me saying how disappointed your are to have missed it here is your chance!  Click on the first interview and begin listening  today! Then click on the free gift and begin manifesting with your story!

With Light and Blessings

Devorah Spilman

Summit Host

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