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If you missed Cherrie Amour’s Detroit appearance last month–you can enjoy reading her poetry book or listening to her CD available below.  Of course; anyone would be delighted to receive a Cherrie Amour gift for the holidays.  You’ll appreciate Cherrie’s take on “What Love Ain’t.  See the link below to download the track for free.  
For more info on Cherrie’s book and CD;  click on the Red Bows.
Christmas is December 25th, Hanukkah started at sundown on December 16th – December 24th andKwanzaa starts on December 26th – January 1st 2015.
Cherrie Amour
Baltimore-based Cherrie Amour is a poet/author who writes about love, life and relationships. She recently released her first book of poetry, Free to Be Me, Poems on Love, Life and Relationships (one of the poems, “Hermoso Negro” won a 2013 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award and is featured in the 2014 Paterson Literary Review). Amour also has two CDs “Love’s Journey” and “ilovemesomewords.”  Her eclectic background serves as a strong influence in both her performances and her writing (she was born in the Caribbean and grew up in Canada). www.cherrieamour.com

To download the Track “What Love Ain’t” for free, go to http://cherrieamour.com/dl and enter the code:  s1hi-blw9

Happy Holidays!

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Cherrie Amour Releases New CD



Poetry from the heart!

Poetry to Music CD!
To download the Track “What Love Ain’t” for free, go to http://cherrieamour.com/dl and enter the code:  s1hi-blw9