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Norma T. Hollis has always listened to the quiet voice within and acted on it–no matter what. From her earliest childhood memories, she had a knowing that hers was a huge purpose to realize during this lifetime. At the same time, Hollis always felt misunderstood by the most influential people around her. She was born with a deeply spiritual perspective of life that was and continues to be different from most. 
Norma’s story is central to her message and is now front and center on her website! But it wasn’t always that way. Once again you will hear the power of the story of the story. Find out why and how Norma came to make her story central to her message and what happened when she did! Find out her major revelation she had just a year ago, that will inspire you in finding and using your story too!

You can listen to  Norma’s story on at the audio below today Wednesday, December 3rd – Friday, Dec. 5th to garner insights on how you can create and share your own story to bring more joy and authenticity into your life and profession.



Ms. Hollis is one of the speakers participating with her colleague, and professional storyteller,Devorah Spilman, who has brought together 21 experts for a special one-time FREE virtual event which started on December 1st.  The Power of Story Summit, that will change your view on the power of story forever. We will show you how the power of story has made us successful, and we will help you to use the power of story to succeed right now in your business.


As stated above; Norma will be speaking on Wednesday, December 3rd. (click on audio above).  You can register to hear the rest of the “Free”  summit’s speakers below each offering a complimentary gift..


So if you want to learn how to go deep and tap into the power of your personal story to instantly create the know, like and trust factor that leads to more sales, then sign-up for The Power of Story Summit now!


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