Happy Veterans Day!
If you missed the 60 Minutes interview with the new U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs; you can watch it at the link directly below.
In his first Veterans Day message to America’s Veterans, VA employees and Veterans service organizations; Robert McDonald goes over the various services provided by the Veterans Affairs and he restates it’s mission and lays out the plan for restructuring the VA.  He is also encouraging everyone to submit their workable feasible ideas for improvement in the second video below.
The Right Stuff
I think you’ll agree; Robert A. McDonald, a graduate of West Point, serving in the U.S. Army primarily in Parachute Assault Operations and the former CE0 of P&G the world’s largest consumer products companies has “The Right Stuff”.  
Robert A. McDonald
 West Point_1975

 President Obama nominates Bob McDonald
on July 7, 2014 and was confirmed by the Senate as U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs on July 28, 2914
“Everything must be measured against on question: “Is this organization centered on the veteran.”   ~Bob McDonald

 VA Secretary Bob McDonald learns more about VA’s scheduling 
system from Michael Logie, a medical support assistant at the 
Phoenix VA Medical Center_Sept, 2014
For Love of Country:
Sec. Bob McDonald made his initial comments about the Veterans Affairsrestructuring plan at a forum held at The Washington Post on a new book released on November 4th featuring veterans stories,”For Love of Country,” by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and Washington Post senior writer Rajiv Chandrasekaran.
“This book shows how much leadership, courage and perseverance veterans have,” McDonald said. “And it’s the VA’s privilege and pride to care for them. We have a real opportunity right now and there is no more noble or inspiring mission.”
Released November 4, 2014​

For Love of Country
What Our Veterans Can Teach Us About Citizenship, Heroism, and Sacrifice
A celebration of the extraordinary courage, dedication, and sacrifice of this generation of American veterans on the battlefield and their equally valuable contributions on the home front.

Because so few of us now serve in the military, our men and women in uniform have become strangers to us. We stand up at athletic events to honor them, but we hardly know their true measure. Here, Starbucks CEO and longtime veterans’ advocate Howard Schultz and National Book Award finalist RajivChandrasekaran of The Washington Post offer an enlightening, inspiring corrective.

The authors honor acts of uncommon valor in Iraq and Afghanistan, including an Army sergeant who repeatedly runs through a storm of gunfire to save the lives of his wounded comrades; two Marines who sacrifice their lives to halt an oncoming truck bomb and protect thirty-three of their brothers in arms; a sixty-year-old doctor who joins the Navy to honor his fallen son.

We also see how veterans make vital contributions once they return home, drawing on their leadership skills and commitment to service:former soldiers who aid residents in rebuilding after natural disasters; a former infantry officer who trades in a Pentagon job to teach in an inner-city neighborhood; a retired general leading efforts to improve treatments for brain-injured troops; the spouse of a severely injured soldier assisting families in similar positions.

These powerful, unforgettable stories demonstrate just how indebted we are to those who protect us and what they have to offer our nation when their military service is done.
Joining Forces works hand in hand with the public and private sectors to ensure that service members, veterans, and their families have the tools they need to succeed throughout their lives.

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Camille Mitchell