Hello Friends:

Sunday, November 9th is the FINAL day to enroll in Iyanla’s ForGIVEness ecourse.  This course is amazing and to be honest with you–you will find this course Hard; however, it’s Exciting andLiberating because it will empower you to let go and move on.  Or, it will Scare-You-To-Death because you won’t let go and have chosen the path of least resistance and familiarity regardless of how much trauma you are experiencing.
While we may have repressed internally the situation(s) and feelings; so we think; rest assure they do manifest externally in the form of various physical pains and ailments, negative thoughts, words and actions toward others that have disappointed or hurt us or towards people who are just innocent bystanders. .
With a host of holiday gatherings coming up; you won’t be sorry you enrolled in Iyanla’s ForGIVEnessecourse and started moving forward– toward actually enjoying your family’s Thanksgiving Dinner.
Feel free to delete my comments if you want to share this e-mail with others.  Remember, 11:59pmSunday, November 9th is the FINAL day to enroll.  bit.ly/iyanlacourse
Have a Wonderful Weekend!


Thank you so much for joining Iyanla’s eCourse and starting on your journey towards Forgiveness. We’ve heard from so many students how moved they have been by the inspiring work they are doing in class.

There’s so much more to learn and discover in the course, we encourage you to tell your family and friends about it. It’s not too late to join! They can still register up until November 9 and catch up with all the class materials.

Let your friends and family know that you are taking the course by sharing on Twitter or Facebook.
Forward this email to your friends to encourage them to join:
I have started on my journey of forgiveness with Iyanla in her six-week eCourse, How To Forgive Everyone For Everything.

In this class Iyanla is guiding me to learn how, through forgiveness, we free ourselves to be more joyful, more successful, and richer in every area of our lives. She will be with us step-by-step with over 40 lesson videos, two live Q&A sessions with the class and in-depth interactive exercises and teachings that she designed just for this course. I look forward to having you join me bit.ly/iyanlacourse.

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