Hello Everyone:

 When you need an oxygen mask on an airplane that is in trouble; you are told              to put YOUR MASK ON FIRST before putting one on your children or                      someone else.  The same is true when it comes to SELF-CARE.
It does no good to take care of everyone else first and care for your self last or never. This includes a constant overload of work demands and/or professional or social commitments.

With Thanksgiving a mere few weeks away and Christmas the following month–-NOW is the TIME to learn more about self-care and put some basic yet simple solutions into practice.
    1.  JUST SAY “NO” 
Just say “NO” to demands you know you are not critical, you can’t keep or don’t want to even commit to.  You don’t have to offer any reason why unless the situation warrants it.
    2.  MEDITATE
  “Free” 21-Day Energy of Attraction Meditation Experience   compliments from Oprah & Deepak.  Register now
Starts Monday, November 3rd  

    3.  FEEL GRAND hosted by Jane Seymour
 Feel Grand a 13-part series hosted by Jane Seymour debut was October 6, 2014 and four episodes have aired on your National Public Broadcast TV station.   
             You will want to tune in Monday evenings at 7:30pm for the other 9        
             episodes which starts with a person’s real life story/situation with a health
             problem.   The other nine episodes  will cover nutrition, redefining cancer,                  heart health, fatigue, autoimmune disorders, skin care, brain health, sex                    reeducation and ancient remedies.
            Please note that previously aired episodes are time                
           sensitive and will be removed from NPB TV’s website.
           Previously Aired Episode
           NCM Blog posted below on October 29th below for episode 1 (Getting the               most out of Retirement) [available till Nov. 6th] and episode 2 (Diabetic    
            Epidemic} [available till Nov. 13th]
           NCM Blog posted on October 31st for episode 3 (Women’s Cancers) and                episode 4 (Managing Pain),  
Episode 5 airs tonight, Monday, Nov. 3rd – 7:30pm on your local NPB TV station


    4.  Iyanla’s ForGIVEness O-course
  “When you hold onto a grudge…it’s like drinking poison…and waiting for the person you have a grudge against to die.”   ~Dr. Brene’ Brown
         Iyanla’s ForGIVEness course is harder than any post graduate course you              have ever taken.  Iyanla knows this subject inside and out and you will not find          a better teacher on this subject.  This six-week O-course started on October
         26th;  however,you can still register till 11:59pm, Sunday, November 9th. 
         The course work is being made available live thur January 9, 2015.                                 Registration ends Nov. 9th  Register directly below at the link above 
          Iyanla’s banner.


   “All Feelings get registered and stored deep in our        body”.   ~Iyanla Vanzant

NCM Blog
Unique perspectives from Top Thought Leaders – short video
Nov. 3rd 2014
Episodes 3 & 4 (Women’s Cancers & Managing Pain)
Oct. 31st 2014
Episodes 1 & 2 (Getting the most out of Retirement & Diabetic Epidemic)
Oct. 29th 2014
Oct. 21st 2014

To Your Health!