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Feel Grand a 13-part series hosted by Jane Seymour debut was October 6, 2014 and four episodes have aired on your National Public Broadcast TV station.
I’ve included episodes 3 and 4 below for your viewing below.  
See NCM Blog posted on October 29th below for episodes 1 (Getting the most out of Retirement) and 2 (Diabetic Epidemic}.  
You will want to tune in on Monday evenings at 7:30pm for the other 9 episodes which will cover nutrition, redefining cancer, heart health, fatigue, autoimmune disorders, skin care, brain health, sex reeducation and ancient remedies.

​Women’s Cancers
 – aired Oct. 20th – Part 3
The third video with Drs. Alexandra Heerdt and Elizabeth Poynor discuss what women can to stay steps ahead of cancer, and new treatments available for women who have been diagnosed.
Managing Pain – aired Oct. 27th – Part 4
The fourth video with pain and arthritis researcher Dr. Vijay Vad gives strategies for strengthening your body and managing back and joint pain..
​Jane Seymour discusses with Dr. Alexandra Heerdt & 
Dr. Elizabeth Poynor what steps to take ahead of cancer
Jane Seymour discusses with Dr. Vijay Vad strategies for 
strengthening your body and managing back and joint pain
Jane Seymour is prove that age ain’t nothing
 but a number
“Now that I’ve experience ageism, I don’t regard it as a bad thing.  It’s been a transition to something more exciting and maybe edgier”.  ~~ Jane Seymour

“I’m proud of my wrinkles. They give my face character. As an actress, you mess with that at your peril”.  ~~Jane Seymour

Mother, Stepmother & Grandmother
Jane Seymour has six children which includes two step-children.  She is a grandmother with three children.  Ms. Seymour’s career began in 1969.  In 1973 she broke through in starring role as Solitaire in the James Bond movie Live and Let Die with Roger Moore starring as agent 007 James Bond.   Some 40 years Ms. Seymour still turns heads wearing a pink bikini at 63 on the cover of Closer Magazine.
Ms. Seymour has acted in 100+  movies and TV shows She has written more than 10 books, designs jewelry has a line of home furniture and is an accomplished artist having displayed her fine art at over a dozen exhibitions.

​Jane Seymour as Solitaire & Roger Moore as James Bond_Live and 
Let Die_1973.  Jane Seymour on the cover of Closer Magazine_2014. 

​Stargazer Lily by artist Jane Seymour
See below NCM Blog post for the first two episodes of Feel Grand.  There are some photos of her as the soprano Diva Maria Callas and as the twice divorce Wallis Simpson who Edward VIII, King of the United Kingdom abdicated the throne for and also an empowering quote by Jane.
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Oct. 29, 2014
Oct. 6, 2014

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