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Do you think you might have a Norman Rockwell kind of Thanksgiving family gathering this year?  If the answer is “No Way!”–you are not alone.
While Norman Rockwell is known for his paintings on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post depicting idealistic and optimistic American family scenes; Norman Rockwell actually came from a dysfunctional family and he said he painted scenes of what he wished his family life could have been growing up.    

American Chronicles:  The Art of Norman Rockwell exhibition toured the Detroit Institute of Arts in 2009.  It was an excellent exhibit with all of Mr. Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post covers on displayed panning more than 50 years.
The Four Freedoms is a series of four 1943 oil paintings by the American artist Norman Rockwell. The paintings—Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, [photo below] and Freedom from Fear  The four freedoms refer to President Franklin D. Roosevelt‘s January 1941 Four Freedoms State of the Union address in which he identified essential human rights that should be universally protected.
​Freedom from Want
Norman Rockwell_1943

Eat Drink Man Woman
Ang Lee, director & screenwriter_1994
Repressed Emotions
Ang Lee, film director, screenwriter and producer Mr. Lee’s earlier films, such as The Wedding BanquetPushing Hands, and Eat Drink Man  Woman, explored the relationships and conflicts between tradition and modernity, Eastern and Western.
Ang Lee also deals with repressed, hidden emotions in many of his academy award winning films, including Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Brokeback Mountain. Lee’s insight into the human heart has allowed his films to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers to speak to audiences all over the world

​​Thanksgiving Dinner with the Peanuts Gang
(A few characters look a little out-of-sorts)


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