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Please find the Full episode of this rare conservation with Ali MacGraw.  This full episode will be available thur Saturday, October 11, 2014.   Ali is so honest and definitely knows how to age gracefully.
Oprah sits down with author and actress Ali MacGraw, star of the iconic ’70s film Love Story, for a rare conversation about aging with grace and the lessons in love she learned from her marriages to Hollywood legends Steve McQueen and Robert Evans. 
After leaving Los Angeles in 1994, Ali moved to Santa Fe in order to live her spiritual journey more fully, ultimately learning how to redefine her worth away from the lens of Hollywood. 
Nearly three decades sober, Ali shares with Oprah how learning to say No” shifted the course of her life. Ali also expresses her evolving views on living as a celebrity, the importance of gratitude in her life, and her secret to finding inner peace.
Ali & Oprah enjoying their conversation
Oprah’s Tea House in California
September 28, 2014​
Ryan O’Neal & Ali MacGraw star in
Love Story_1970​
​Ryan O’Neal & Ali MacGraw
attend an Oscar party_2002

 Ryan O’Neal, 73 & Ali MacGraw, 75 reunion photo
Santa Fe, New Mexico_2014

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October 6, 2014
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