Good Sunday Morning!
Oprah sits down with author and actress Ali MacGraw for a rare conversation about her lifelong spiritual journey, aging with grace and the real-life lessons in love she has learned. 

​Ali MacGraw

On April Fools’ Day, 2014, actress Ali MacGraw turned 75, looked in the mirror and thought, “Enough is enough.” It was time, she says, to stop dyeing her hair. “I felt some kind of change,” she says. “It was subtle, but I think it’s all about building up to ‘Who are you?'” In the video above, Ali opens up about what it really means to go gray. Plus, find out why she says living away from Los Angeles empowered her to go natural.

 Actress & author, ​Ali MacGraw in a rare conversation with Oprah
Producer & preacher DeVon Franklin (right) advises
Sunday, September 28th
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