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Yesterday, I sent out an e-mail regarding four REPLAYS from The Natural Health Summit which are now technically expired.  
Note: The four replays (about 1 hr. each) may still be running; however, so check this link just in case they are still available. Four REPLAYS Natural Health Summit 
​Do you have Chronic Pain?
Having chronic pain affects almost everything we do in conducing the basic requirements of our work days and siphons off the enjoyment of our days which includes getting a good night of pain-free rest
I made a request to Adam Heller, founder, Zero Pain NOW and Natural Health Summit, founder Dr. Schuster to keep the discounted price of $297 for the Zero Pain NOW on-line program thur 11:59pm Sunday, September 21, 2014  
Note:  Adam Heller’s in-person office visits are $15,000 and the on-line course’s regular price runs $4,772,
Here’s the direct link for the special $297 price offer:
Adam Heller and Dr. Schuster have generously discounted the on-line program by 94% to $297 with a 30-day money back Guaranteed.
Visit Adam Heller’s special offer site page directly below on his Zero Pain NOW program with the special discount price.  Watch the brief videos from Annee, Matt and Emily a few of the thousands of individuals that are free now from chronic pain that Adam Heller has helped.

Where pain really originates?  Hint:  it’s NOT in your body…  

If you have chronic pain (back pain, arthritis, etc)  you are spending more on pain killers, sleeping pills, doctor visits and surgeries than the $297 for the Zero Pain NOW program.
Here’s the direct link for the special $297 price offer:

Mon., Sept. 15th:  Dr. Susanne Bennett
For complimentary access to Dr. Susanne Bennett and the rest of Natural Health Summit’s health experts over the next few weeks; click on the ink to register for “Free”.    Natural Health Summit
You are under no obligation to purchase anything unless you choose to.



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