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Oprah Winfrey will pay tribute to actor Robin Williams, who died last week, by featuring his old interviews on her OWN channel.

Two classic episodes of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ featuring the actor will be repeated, including his first appearance in 1988 during which he spoke about filming‘Good Morning, Vietnam’.

Williams visited Winfrey’s show 14 times. A second episode, originally broadcast in 1991, will also be repeated. The first hour will see the star share “deeply personal stories about filming Good Morning, Vietnam, his early childhood and more”.

The second show will see him open up to Winfrey about everything from drug abuse, what being married to him was like, fatherhood, working on the feature films ‘The Fisher King’and ‘Dead Poets Society’, his creative inspiration and his thoughts on ageing and turning 40.

Tune in Sunday. August 24th at 7pm EDT for Robin Williams first appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1988,  The 1991 show will air at 8pm EDT. 

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Tune in Sunday, August 24, at 9pm EDT                                                                 

Oprah interviews former entertainment news anchor Pat O’Brien about his public downfall. Then, get updates from Friends favorite Janice, General Hospital heartthrobJack Wagner and Life Goes On star Chris Burke. Plus, a special tribute to Robin Williams.

​Matt Damon (left) as Will Hunting & Oscar winner 
Robin Williams as Dr. Sean Maguire
Good Will Hunting_1997

Petition by:
Shelley Calissendorff 
Pullman, Washington

ABC:  Donate LIVE TV airtime & help produce an event in honor of Robin Williams. The event would help to create awareness around depression and suicide prevention.

Robin Williams is beloved by millions world-wide. 

Depression affects 1 in 10 Americans (according to Healthline.com).  Over 80% of those with depressive symptoms are not receiving any specific treatment for their depression. The number of patients diagnosed with depression increases by approximately 20% per year.  An estimated 121 million people worldwide currently suffer from some form of depression.

According to Suicide.org, global suicide rates have increased 60% in the past 45 years, and on average one person dies by suicide every 40 seconds somewhere in the world.  Over 1 million people die by suicide worldwide each year.

The stigma that surrounds depression keeps many thousands if not millions of people from seeking treatment.  These issues demand public awareness on a massive scale.

As Robin Williams’ initial skyrocket to fame came from his character “Mork” that later landed him the #3 TV show in America on ABC, it seems only natural that ABC would be the perfect network to help make this possible.

Funds could be raised for, and split between 3 or 4 of the leading non-profit organizations doing depression and suicide awareness and prevention work.

Let’s turn something awful into something that could launch a trend that changes the way people think about these critically important issues, saves countless lives and ends so much needless suffering.

Sign Shelley’s Petition

The National Coalition to Honor Robin Williams, Create Awareness around Depression and to Prevent Suicide

7 more days for ‘Expanding Your Happiness’ 
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Robin Williams lived with passion.

Day 14 — Living with Passion 

Passion is the powerful, focused force of happiness directed to a specific interest in life. Passion is a tremendous asset in expanding our happiness, because it draws our happiness out.

When we think of passion, we usually think about what we are passionate about – opera, chocolate desserts, skiing, or even salsa dancing. Today we will explore passion at a deeper level as we connect to what really matters, the source of passion within us. If we can access that infinite source of passion and joy inside, then we can live passion in all areas of our life.

At its source, passion is not associated with any particular object, it is rather a deep feeling of exaltation or even spiritual ecstasy. It is the happiness of life exulting in its own existence. Today we will tap into that blissful core of existence and let our passion flow from that place.

Our centering thought for today is:

My happiness energizes and inspires me.

“You can only feel creative when there is joy. When there is a sense of passion.”  ~~Andreas Moritz

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August 21, 2014