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I read the article below in Ebony Magazine about how former NFL Football player Keith Mitchell became paralyzed after a routine tackle.  What followed was his amazing recovery that started with meditation.  He is now a certified Yoga teacher and speaker.
I included two short videos for you to hear and see his remarkable story.  The first is an interview with Marc Lamont Hill of the Huffingtonpost.  The second shows and tells how Keith made his remarkable recovery.  There are more articles and videos on Keith’s website below.
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Note:  NCM Blog post below on business mogul Russell Simmons below.  He said he is a “Business Yogi” and has written a new book on How & Why one should meditate incorporate yoga into their life. 

Keith Mitchell is now a Yoga teacher & speaker


Keith Mitchell

OM Magazine_May 2014
WOW!  A Remarkable Recovery
“For six months my body remained numb.  A therapist began teaching me meditation;  I couldn’t raise one finger, but my breathing I could control.  Focusing on my breathing my body started to respond, and I began to heal myself.  Three months later I could walk”;  
Keith’s website link directly below has more incredible information, articles and videos.
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June 16, 2014

Camille Mitchell

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