Building a company with a soul has always been a dream for Howard Schultz. He shares why it’s important to always believe.
Oprah interviews Howard from her Tea House in Montecito, CaliforniatomorrowSunday, July 20th at 11am EDT on Super Soul Sunday.  
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Oprah Chai Tea
Starbucks purchased Teavana  and Oprah and Teavana’s teaologist developed a bold chai appropriately named Oprah Chai Tea.
I enjoy Oprah’s bold blend. It needs no sugar  Also a portion of the proceeds goes towards Teavana Oprah Chai Charities which educates, provide mentors and leadership skills for children in the United States and South Africa.
An Espresso Note:
excerpt from Forbes – June 2014
Last month; at a company meeting in Manhattan,Starbucks billionaire CEO, Howard Schultz, announced that the company would pay for thousands of workers, includingbaristas who work just 20 hours a week, to get a bachelor’s degree through Arizona State University’s online program. The initiative, the first of its kind, will allow many of the company’s 135,000 workers to graduate debt-free. Those who already have two years of college credit under their belts, will be entitled to a full tuition reimbursement. Those just starting college will receive subsidies worth an average of $6,500. There will be no requirement that employees who graduate with the program stay on at Starbucks.
​Oprah Tea House_Montecito,California

Howard Schultz and Oprah Winfrey​​ 

Oprah’s Tea House


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