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How can community members participate?
On Lemonade Day, everyone has a job: buying lemonade, selling lemonade or supporting a child by teaching valuable life lessons. Lemonade Day is as much about community unity and engagement as it is about supporting young entrepreneurs. You can mentor a child, involve your local school or youth organization, donate, or sponsor stands in front of your own business.  Check out this fun video below.

Building a Stand​

What exactly does Lemonade Day consist of?
There are two distinct primary components of Lemonade Day: First, there is a month or longer learning experience when participating youth and their adult mentor/parent follow the step-by-step, 14 principles that comprise the Lemonade Day curriculum for starting a business. The second component is the actual implementation of the Lemonade Day process by youth operating their Lemonade stand business on Lemonade Day.

Sparking the Dream!!​

Is there any cost for Lemonade Day participants?
No. Lemonade Day is a free program as a result of the generosity of our sponsors. Their support provides the Lemonade Day curriculum, activities and other services, products and resources of the Lemonade Day organization.

​Open for Business

Where does the money raised on Lemonade Day go?
The money made on Lemonade Day at each stand belongs to the youth participants who operate that stand 100% of what they make is their business profit. They are encouraged to spend a little on themselves for their hard word, save a little and open a bank account and share a little with a local non-profit in their community, but the money is their own.
Lemonade Day in Detroit is Saturday, June 7, 2014Detroit Lemonade Day Site

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May 17, 2014

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