We are all interconnected; therefore, everyone has a role to play in helping our military personnel.   Click on the links below for more information regarding ways you can connect and assist.
Note:  Blue Star Museums has “free” admission to 2,000 museums across the country from Memorial Day, May 26th thur September 1, 2014, Labor Day.  Click on the link and then your state to see which museums are participating.
Michigan has about 50 museums and The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) has a wonderful exhibit.  Did you know that the Samurai were also Artists? 
Discover the artist behind the armor. Samurai: Beyond the Sword is a rare opportunity to experience the world of the Japanese Samurai. Moving beyond the stereotype of the warrior, the exhibition explores the role of the military arts and the importance of Samurai engagement in the cultural, spiritual and art worlds of their time. 
This exhibit has been at Detroit’s DIA for several months; please note that this is the final week thur June 1st.


Kimono_Samurai artist
Samurai:  Beyond the Sword
The Detroit Institute of Arts
Tea Pot_Samurai artist
Samurai:  Beyond the Sword
The Detroit Institute of Arts
Find out ways you and your neighbors can become part of the solution; click on links below.
“Every Act of Kindness Makes a Difference!”​
Camille Mitchell

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