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While on his first trip to Ethiopia, TOMS Founder Blake Mycoskie learned of a debilitating disease called podoconiosis, or podo for short. Podo is the extreme swelling of the legs due to an irritant soil found in certain countries around the world. According to the WHO, there are about 4 million people around the world affected with podo, with the majority of those living in Ethiopia.

We’ve come a long way from when Blake first learned about podo in Ethiopia, but there’s still much more to come. To learn more about podoconiosis and TOMS’ efforts, watch this video below.

One Day Without Shoes is Tuesday, April 29, 2014.  On One Day Without Shoes, take off your shoes to raise global awareness for people affected with podoconiosis. 

To learn more visit: www.TOMS.com/onedaywithoutshoes 

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