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If you have not followed Chelsea Clinton much since she was a teen in the White House; you are in for real wonderful positive news..  Chelsea is intelligent, confident and poised.  She’s leading a life of purpose with a mission to empower others.
The article below will cover her journey and the video interview last month with Jimmy Kimmel for the“Closing Conversation” with Bill and Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky is a testament to devoting quality and quantity time with one’s children.
Note:  The video is 1 hr. & 20 min.; however, it is a rare chance to view and hear an intelligent, positive conversation today.
Hillary Clinton’s book titled “Hard Choices” is scheduled to be released June 10, 2014 covering her tenure as Secretary of State.

Clinton Foundation
Former President Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky and
Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

Chelsea Clinton May Be Key to Hillary’s Success in 2016

By Courtney Coren

Chelsea Clinton has helped revamp the Clinton Global Initiative into a more effective and efficient charitable organization, using skills that may help her mother, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, if she runs for president in 2016.

As vice chair of the Clinton Foundation, Chelsea Clinton used data analysis and management skills she developed in the private sector and applied them to the foundation started by former President Bill Clinton after he left office, according to an interview she did with Fast Company.

Since joining the foundation in 2011, Chelsea Clinton commissioned an audit, consolidated offices, instituted performance targets, and streamlined management, according to Fast Company.

Chelsea Clinton may use those skills again in a 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign. The former secretary of state’s 2008 presidential campaign had some of the same problems as the foundation, according to National Journal,.

“You can’t measure everything, but you can measure almost everything through qualitative and quantitative means so that we known what we’re disproportionately good at,” Chelsea Clinton told Fast Company. “And, candidly, what we’re not so good at, so we can stop doing that and double down on what we’re particularly disproportionately good at.”

Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign reportedly suffered from having too many powerful people involved, which could make the decision process difficult at times due to infighting, another problem Chelsea Clinton has tackled since joining the Clinton Global Initiative, according to National Journal.

The foundation’s deputy director, Ed Hughes, told Fast Company said that he has seen Chelsea’s approach first hand.

“Sometimes President Clinton simply would come in and say, ‘you know, I had a great conversation with the King of Jordan. We should do something about Jordan.’ And it would be like, Well, now we’ll make Jordan a priority,” Hughes said.

But Chelsea Clinton “wants to see some evidence of why we’re making decisions, as opposed to the anecdotes,” he said.

Besides her business management skills, Chelsea Clinton may help her mother draw the youth vote, which Barack Obama dominated in 2008 in his first run for president, according to National Journal.

The publication also said that she may be the only person that is capable of keeping both her parents focused and on message, citing an joint interview the three Clintons did with Jimmy Kimmel in March in which she is seen “almost managing her parents in real time.”

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Chelsea’s To-Do List

Part data geek, part dynasty daughter, part celebrity, Chelsea’s found a way to thrive both within and without the family business.


  • Secure the Clinton legacy by ensuring that the foundation will be sustainable for decades.
  • Modernize it using data to track results.
  • Get younger people involved.
  • Do the necessary photo ops at foundation projects in African and Asian villages.
  • Help raise a $250 million endowment.
  • Democratize the president’s annual Manhattan confab, so it becomes more than a feel-good event.
  • Become a regular on the speaker circuit, and show up when Bill and Hillary can’t.


  • Promote Hillary’s new project: a partnership to save the African elephant.
  • Accelerate her data-driven No Ceilings initiative; the partnership with the Gates Foundation analyzes rights for women globally.
  • Become a senior adviser for that 2016 Hillary presidential run?


  • Drive delivery of affordable treatments against diarrhea, the second-largest killer of children in the world.
  • Get more people involved in public service.
  • Help get juvenile detention facilities to collectively bargain for healthy food.
  • Push for equal LGBT rights globally.


  • Finish PhD dissertation.
  • Do more softball interviews for NBC.
  • Find best coffee shop in every city around globe.
  • Tweet more or less daily.
  • Is 2014 really the “Year of the Baby?” (Update: Yes, it is! announced yesterday)
  • Contemplate running for Congress–someday.
  • Find time for date night with Marc, despite all this.

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