Ciao Signori!
(Hello Ladies!)

I can tell you the exact day I became acquainted with Chicago fashion designer Maria Pinto. It was August 25, 2008 when Michelle Obama walked out on stage at the Democratic National Convention to speak about her husband Senator Barack Obama.  The dress was feminine–yet professional.  It was simple–yet structured.  The color was not politically traditional….it was a striking teal color.

Sasha Obama, 7, daughter of Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., blows a kiss to her dad, while he addresses the gathering via- satellite at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Monday, Aug. 25, 2008. Looking on are Michelle Obama, left, wife of the  Democratic presidential candidate and daughter Malia, 10.  (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Michelle and her girls, with Sasha blowing a kiss to her dad while he addresses the Democratic National Convention via satellite on Aug. 25, 2008.   

Michelle is wearing a Maria Pinto design

Maria’s concept for her M2057 Collection
“Today’s ‘woman-on-the-go’ was at the front of my mind when designing M2057. The collection reflects high quality design integrity, fit, and comfort, while being low maintenance and easy to care for. The fabrics all have stretch, are machine washable, and pack extremely well.  The styles address a variety of women’s body types, so customers can always find the most flattering look for them. M2057 is your go-to dress that you love wearing because it’s no fuss but also makes you feel beautiful.”   To Read More; click on link below 
“Fashion and The Field Museum Collection by Maria Pinto”
Maria Pinto adjusting an artifact for an exhibit she co-curated; 
now part of the permanent collection of The Field Museum of 
Natural History in Chicago; one of the largest in the world and 
maintains its status as a premier natural history museum 
through size & quality of its educational & scientific programs. 
Viewing the M2057 Collection:   
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Isabella, Gia, Franca and Jesse are the dress names
View the entire new M2057 Collection at link above 
Una giornata fantastica!
(Have a Fantastic Day!)