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This is the story of two giants leading the way on the business of Opera,  two of opera’s rising stars and two operas at The Detroit Opera House. (DOH).
David DiChiera, 79 former Founder and General Manager of Michigan Opera Theatre (MOT) home to The Detroit Opera House (DOH) is the stuff that legends are written about.  His vision has made it possible for the past 43 years to build one of the leading opera companies in the United States.
When David decided it was time to leave his business role; the opera world knew it would take someone of David’s caliber to fill his position.  
Monograph recounts contributions of 2013 Kresge Eminent Artist David DiChiera.
David DiChiera monograph cover

The Kresge Foundation presented the 2013 Eminent Artist David DiChiera with a commemorative monograph celebrating his life and work. 

Mr. DiChiera received the monograph at the Detroit Opera House a year ago where a full house applauded his career and commitment to the community. Reply to this e-mail for a complimentary copy of David DiChiera’s monograph.

The Search

The search was on and Wayne S. Brown, Director of Music and Opera for the National Endowment for the Arts since 1997 and a native Detroit was named President and CEO of the Michigan Opera Theatre. David will remain as Artistic Director of the Detroit Opera House.  
The video below is Wayne Brown’s introduction and remarks after the selection was made in December 2013.

Wayne S. Brown named President & Chief Executive Officer Michigan Opera Theatre – 6 min. video

Wayne S. Brown, David DiChiera & Victor Mendelson_2
Wayne Brown, David DiChiera, Victor Mendelson
“When I’m casting a role and there are two people that are equally talented, I will choose the person of color because opera needs to become completely integrated in terms of diversity.” 
–David DiChiera

MOT dives deep and comes up with pearls and gems galore”.  

Above was Encore Michigan’s headline in 2012 for the DOH opera The Pearl Fishers. The two leading men are African-American tenor Noah Stewart and Panamanian-American baritone Nmon Ford.  Both Stewart and Ford are two examples of DiChiera’s promotion and support of singers of color, refusing to honor the color line still existing in opera today.
Opera Summary
Les pêcheurs de perles (The Pearl Fishers) is an opera by the French composer Georges Bizet.  Set in ancient times on the island of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka); the opera tells the story of how two men’s vow of eternal friendship is threatened by their love for the same woman, whose own dilemma is the conflict between secular love and her sacred oath as a priestess. The friendship duet Au fond du temple saint“, generally known as “The Pearl Fishers Duet”, is one of the best-known numbers in Western opera.
In the brief clip from DOH 2012 dress rehearsal of The Pearl Fishers; you’ll meet these two leading men.
Inline image 1
Noah Stewart, tenor as Nadir
Inline image 1
 Nmon Ford, baritone as Zurga
Leah Partridge, soprano as Leila
A View from the Bridge ends this weekend; originally a play by Arthur Miller before becoming an opera.  The story mirrors On the Waterfront.
A View from the Bridge
Turandot – May 10th=18th, 2014 
In ancient Peking, a beautiful, bloodthirsty princess, Turandot, resolves to never let any man possess her. Any suitor must answer three riddles, or die. But a mysterious suitor enters with a riddle of his own. Puccini’s final opera is also his most musically adventurous.
Reply to this e-mail for a complimentary copy of David DiChiera’s monograph.
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