Haile Thomas (Tucson, AZ)
Let’s Move! Champion

Haile Thomas is a 12 year-old Youth Advisory Board member with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.  She is Co-Founder/Director of the HAPPY Organization, an Arizona nonprofit dedicated to improving the health and wellness of youth through education, outreach, and advocacy about proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. Haile hosts an annual H.E.A.L. (healthy eating, active lifestyle) Festival on Global Youth Service Day in Tucson. She created the Healthy Girl Adventures Club to inspire girls to embrace healthy habits, and produces online cooking videos aimed at encouraging kids to get cooking. Haile is also the Youth Spokesperson and Jr. Chef Consultant for Hyatt Hotels.
Haile Thomas & Al Roker
Haile and Al, whip up one of Haile’s signature healthy and delicious recipes with the Incan super grain Quinoa.   (see video directly below)
Haile was the Arizona winner oft the 2012 Kids’ State State Dinner with an all vegetable version. (see downloadable 2012 cookbook for recipe  below in NCM Blog)    
Confident Chef at age 12
Quoted from Why Not Girl!:  “Here’s another example of how girls at any age can be a Why Not Girl!  I found this interview by the local ABC station in Rochester, NY of an 11-year-old chef who is trying to combat childhood obesity with her online and television cooking show called Kids Can Cook.”  Haile Thomas is from Tucson, Arizona and she whipping up recipes that she hopes will get other kids interested in eating a wide variety of healthy foods”.   (see video interview directly below)

Michelle Obama Encourages Home Cooked Meals

Michelle Obama is encouraging everyone to gather around the dinner table for a home cooked meal at least two times a week.  The first lady wants to focus on getting families to cook more of their meals at home because it is healthier as well as cheaper than eating at a restaurant or purchasing take-out food.

Mrs. Obama emphasized not only the health benefits of cooking at home, but the cost effectiveness of buying food at the grocery store and preparing them at home. Most people are likely to use less sodium and fat and in return are more likely to consume less cholesterol and calories.

Cooking a healthy meal can take as little as 30 minutes to prepare. Picking something out at a fast food restaurant, paying for it and driving home could take just as long. It is also a good way to teach children the basics in cooking and spend time as a family.

Haile Thomas
Chef Haile Thomas, 12 and her sister Nia, 6 conduct  healthy cooking demonstrations   
Kids Can Cook Channel
There are 30+ videos on this channel which include Haile’s philosophy and goals as well as cooking demonstrations.  You can tell that some of the video are when she was probably only about 9-years old.  Check out the Shrimp Lettuce Wraps with Jamaica Curry video.
Haile is following her Bliss!    Kids Can Cook Channel – 30+ videos

Please Note Recipe entry deadline is April 5th  for the 2014 Kids’ State Dinner. (see NCM Blog posts below)

Bon Appetit!
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