Hello Everyone:
When the announcement that Mary Barra had become General Motors new CEO around mid-December 2013 was made; I was delighted and texted some of you.  Ms. Barra officially became the CEO on January 15, 2014.
Naturally her selection has received wonderful reviews as a remarkable career woman of 30 years with GM.  A week later she was one of First Lady Michelle Obama’s guests as President Obama praised her during his State of the Union address for breaking the glass auto company ceiling.
However, within the next several weeks the GM auto ignition switch recall along with a criminal investigation would now become the main focus.
I had planned on writing a blog about Ms. Barra complete with  a photo of her standing next to one of GM’s “Red” sports cars.
Parallels of Fortune CEOs & Presidents
With the recall problems being Ms. Barra’s top priority in her first weeks as CEO; I can’t help but notice the parallels in 2008 when Senator Barack Obama was elected by the people to become  the 44th president of the United States.
No sooner had the ballons and confetti hit the convention center floor that Senator Obama was informed the next day that the “Floor” of the US economy had collapsed and things were worse than anything experienced since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.
Where Things Stand at GM
In a video message below to General Motors employees Monday, March 17, 2014; CEO Mary Barra offered an update on “where things stand” with the ignition switch recall and with the company’s efforts to improve its handling of such issues.  Mary Barra’s Bio
I’m confident that Ms. Barra is the right person at the right time for GM and will do what all courageous leaders do–right the ship and stay on the mission course.
Mary Barra, CEO General Motors
Mary, thank you for being Courageous!!