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Many of you really liked my blog on the wedding of George Lucas and Mellody Hobson Lucas.  When I mentioned a precious picture in my blog yesterday of Everest Hobson Lucas; several people asked if they could see the precious one.  I’ve never seen a photo of a “Happier Sleeping” baby than that of Everest with her stuffed Star War toys.   

The photo of parents George and Mellody putting on a tiny life preserver speaks volumes about the love and care of their daughter.     

On Friday, August 9, 2013 “Star Wars” filmmaker George Lucas and his wife, Ariel Investments president Mellody Hobson, welcomed a daughter into the world.

Everest Hobson Lucas is the first biological child for both parents, but she’s not the only child. The newborn, who was delivered via surrogate, is a little sister to Lucas’ adopted children, Amanda, 32; Katie, 25; and Jett, 20.

For the Lucas’s wedding photos, details along with their biographies see Feb. 14th NCM Blog post  below.

The Force is strong with this one!

Everest Hobson Lucas peacefully sleeping with her stuffed Star War toys   
George plans on teaching her the ways of the Force and raising his young Padawan into an exemplary Jedi Knight.  Barring any unseen Sith influences, she’s sure to become a legend!
Safety First:
Safety first: The director and his 44-year-old wife carefully strapped Everest into a Sponge Bob Square Pants life preserver
Everest’s parent carefully strapped their daughter into a 
Sponge Bob Square Pants life preserver 
for a boat ride in Saint Barthelemy, France, Jan. 2014
Mellody and George enjoy vacationing 
French Caribbean, Dec. 2010
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February 14, 2014