Choo!  Choo!
Obama is standing aboard the back platform of a train and looking to the side of the train. There is a red, white and blue banner hanging over the rear railing.
President Obama took a virtual road trip via GOOGLE+ Hangout
yesterday, Friday. January 31, 2014. The road trip started in the Western states, crossed middle American and concluded in the Eastern states.
Click on the map of America below to REPLAY.

Here’s what you missed this week.
Road trip!President Obama went on a road trip yesterday, and we want you come along for the ride.All this week, the President’s been traveling the country to talk about how we’re going to ensure opportunity for all.Yesterday, he took a virtual road trip on Google+, and visited folks across the country just like you. We want you to join him in this REPLAY below.

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President Obama traveled by train to Washington, D.C. for his first inauguration January 17, 2009 on the “Georgia 300,”

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