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There’s noting as refreshing and nourishing as a tall glass of water. This blog was posted by Elyse Cohen, Deputy Director, Let’s Move! on September 13, 2013
Cheers to water!
Michelle Obama is joined by actress Eva Longoria as they prepare  a toast at the 
“Drink Up” Water Festival

Cheers To Water! 

First Lady Michelle Obama Asks Everyone to 

“Drink Up” With More Water!

First Lady Michelle Obama joined the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) and actress Eva Longoria to announce PHA’s new effort to encourage everyone to drink more water.

According to the CDC, approximately one in four kids does not drink any water on a given day. Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to improve overall health and well-being and helps you have more energy and better focus. The campaign kicked off in Watertown, WI encouraging Americans to “Drink Up”.  It’s a simple action that everyone can take. Mrs. Obama led a toast to water followed by an array of festival-like water games at Watertown High School.

First Lady Michelle Obama proposes a toast during a
“Let’s Move!” Drink Up festival at 
Watertown High School in Watertown, Wis., Sept. 12, 2013

“Since we started the Let’s Move! initiative, I’ve been looking for as many ways as possible to help families and kids lead healthier lives.  And I’ve come to realize that if we were going to take just one step to make ourselves and our families healthier, probably the single best thing we could do is to simply drink more water.  It’s as simple as that.  Drink more water,” said First Lady Michelle Obama

The Drink Up logo, will be featured on nearly 300 million packs of bottled water; more than a half a billion bottles of water; 200,000 packages of reusable bottles; and more than 10,000 reusable bottles in the next year. Cities will also be utilizing the logo to encourage people to drink more tap water.  And hosts on a dozen TV shows participated in an around the clock, cross-network, bilingual day of drinking water and encouraged their audiences to Drink Up.

“Because water is so basic, because it is so plentiful, sometimes we just forget about it.  Amidst all the ads that we watch on television and all the messages that we receive every day about what to eat and drink.  The truth is water just gets drowned out.” 

Drink Up is a “nationwide effort to inspire Americans to drink more water,” said Mrs. Obama. “We simply want everyone to know that we are what we drink, and when we drink water, we certainly drink up.”

Thirsty for more? Get involved!

Visit the Drink Up web site: www.YouAreWhatYouDrink.org

Share photos or videos of you drinking water on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #DrinkH2O.

You can use the following accounts to join the conversation and share your photos:

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Michelle & Eva enjoying a Good Laugh

Camille’s Note:
Fashion Flair with a Social Consciousness

Mrs. Obama is wearing a blue tie-dye Jasmyn dress from Tory Burch,  “The jacquard-based fabric is hand-dyed by women artisans from the Kindia region of Guinea (in collaboration with the There Is No Limit Foundation) using century-old techniques that make each style truly one-of-a-kind.”

Cheers to Water!