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Mandela:  Long Walk to Freedom, a movie based on Nelson Mandel’s book opens today, Friday, December 27,2013 to wide release having been reviewed earlier during it’s limited release last month.
Some critics love the movie and/or love it for it’s lessons that Nelson Mandela’s life teaches us.  However, a fair amount of movie critics have said “It’s impossible to capture Nelson Mandela’s life in one movie”.  The depth, scope and impact is to vast for most people to comprehend in our microwave society.
Other movie critics have basically said “It’s not the best movie” (technically speaking); however, film critics have basically given “Kuddos” to actor Idris Elba who plays the title role of Nelson Mandela siting that Mr. Elba captures Mr. Mandela’s essence along with actress Naomie Harris who plays his wife Winnie Mandela.
Camille’s Assessment:
Even if you are a film technical guru or watched the news non-stop from December 5th the day of  Nelson Mandela’s passing to his burial on December 15th;  I believe everyone should see this movie for the life lessons and take your children, grandchildren and/or neighborhood children with you.
To paraphrase President Obama from the memorial service on December 10th; “We’ll never see the likes of Nelson Mandela again”.  President Obama’s full video tribute from South Africa follows below.
I came across the following blog post regarding Mr. Mandela’s passing which is an insightful statement from political historian Wallace M. Delaney of Columbia University regarding Nelson Mandela’s life and legacy.

Nelson Mandela Becomes First Politician To Be Missed

JOHANNESBURG—Following the death of former South African president and civil rights leader Nelson Mandela today at the age of 95, sources confirmed that the revered humanitarian has become the first politician in recorded history to actually be missed. “Today we lost not only an international hero and a symbol of the resilient human spirit, but also the very first political figure ever who people actively wish was still alive and affecting world affairs,” said political historian Wallace M. Delaney of Columbia University, adding that Mandela will long be remembered for enduring 27 years in prison in the fight against apartheid, championing equality across the globe, and standing alone as the only world leader whose passing left the international community grief-stricken and feeling a palpable void in their lives. 

“Certainly people have felt a sense of sorrow at the deaths of politicians in the past, but Nelson Mandela’s death is the only one on record that people everywhere unanimously agree has left the world notably worse off. I miss him, we all miss him—and that’s entirely unprecedented in the world of politics.” Delaney added that he could not predict who might be the second politician to be missed by humanity, but confirmed there were no viable candidates anywhere out there right now

Major loss today, he has impacted so many lives and changed history.

He fought for what he believed in and gave his all to everything he loved.  Loved by many people, he blessed every single life he touched and came across

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The White House Tuesday, December 10, 2013
A moving tribute to a legendary figureNelson Mandela’s struggle against South African apartheid inspired millions. And his great call for justice and equality continues to resonate around the world, as new generations of young people pursue the ideals he embraced.Earlier today in Johannesburg, President Obama paid tribute to a hero and a leader — and spoke about the path that’s still ahead.It’s a powerful, moving speech. Watch this tribute to Nelson Mandela:

Watch: President Obama's tribute to Mandela

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