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Generally speaking most people don’t know very much about the people that provide needed services for themAny cash bonus or material Gifts should only be considered if planned for in your Holiday Gift budgetThe article directly below will guide as to who and why you should tip as service providers and recommend bonus amounts.
Delivery persons, garbage collectors, babysitters, hairdressers, house cleaning staff, etc. 
provide essential services or make our lives more comfortable
Hope everyone has finished their Holiday shopping. (SMILE)  If you are saying to yourself; you’ve got to be kidding–then I recommended starting or completing your Gift shopping on-line otherwise known as CYBER Gift Shopping for ALL. .
Below are several links with Gifts that can be purchased and delivered via on-line.  You may choose to print out the certificate and place a Holiday card for your recipient if you will see them during the holidays or send their Gift directly to their e-mail address.  You recipient will be able to either redeem from the retailer or start using their Gift immediately if it’s down loadable.  Last Minute Gifts You Can Send by E-mail – Slideshow
Gifts of empowerment make wonderful Gifts that Give all year round.  I have the Oprah & Deepak;s 21-Day Meditation Master Trilogy below and highly recommend it as a Holiday Gift at the special holiday price.
Trilogy areas:  Perfect Health, Miraculous Relations & Desire and Destiny   Each 21-Day area can also be purchased separately accessible at the on-line Chopra Center Library and/or downloaded to a computer. Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Master Trilogy – Website
Organized by type:   Deployed troops, military families and wounded warriors
No shipping or waiting in line 

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