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The two minute video below will leave you teary eyed.  My post today will be on CYBER Holiday Shopping for Military Personnel & Families.  

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GRATITUDE for our Military Personnel & Families
Throughout the year it’s important to remember our military personnel and their families with not only words like “Thank You for Your Service”; but, to really make an effort to show them with “Acts of Kindness” and/or material Gifts that will demonstrate to these Brave Men and Women that we truly appreciate their sacrifice in keeping us all “safe and free” from those that would surely do us harm if not for their sacrifice.
While the Holiday overseas package delivery dates have come and gone–it is never to late to send a care package to be received in 2014.  There are also care packages that can be purchased ranging from as little as $15 to $6,000 for specially designed bicycles for wounded soldiers.
If you don’t personally know of a military man or woman serving–then reach out to a military family in your community and offer to provide an errand or other acts of kindness that they need assistance with especially if they are separated from their children.
If your company is searching for employees with good moral character–then seek out returning military personnel and their spouses.  To learn more; visit:  Joining Forces
There are numerous ways to to help ranging from cash donations to the most needed Gift of all and that is “Writing Letters & Sending Cards”. which by the way means more than any material Gift.  One can always do so the CYBER way.  So there are no excuses notsend out a few e-letters or e-cards.  Operation Gratitude – 10 Easy Ways to Help

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Let’s Join Forces!