I could literally write a book about saying Thank You! especially to employees, clients/
While these two groups of  people get paid by you to perform their duties; I believe one can not say “Thank You” enough especially a job well done.
It’s time for some Gift ideas for Employees and Business Clients.
Large companies have already procured their employee and client gifts several weeks or months ago.  However, the average small business is probably still finalizing their list and still planning their company holiday party.  If your company is having a party–the party may take the place of giving Gifts to employees depending upon your budget.
EMPLOYEE GIFTS – Please no company logos
The number one rule is that each employee should receive a Gift within the same dollar amount for obvious reasons.  The easiest way to do this is to have all holiday Gifts be the same for each employee.  An alternative to this is a Gift Album which are a great way to have the same dollar amount while giving each employee a choice as to which Gift they want.
Please forgo having your company logo on the Gifts.  Your employees work their and I’m sure they do not need a reminder.  Try to steer clear of talking company business at holiday parties especially an employee party.  It’s time to relax some and get to know people on a more personal level.
CLIENT GIFTS – Company logos are fine
One can’t go wrong with Gourmet Gift Baskets for key clients since everyone likes to food and clients can share their Gift basket goodies with their employees.
Other traditional client Gifts usually fall in the area of office or desk items.  I say forgo those and give a Leather Bound Journal or a unique one-of-a- kind journal fashioned by an Artist.  It’s fine to include your company logo on the leather journals or better yet to emboss with the client’s personal name.  Jennibick Leather Journals’s site  
Newly Released Hardcover Books on a subject you know your client has an interest in makes a unique personalized Gift.
Another non-traditional Gift for business clients; is to consider making a Charitable Donation to a client’s favorite charity in your client’s company name.
Alignment TIP:  If your client has a product or service that you can use for your employees holiday Gifts; by all means you should purchase from your client. –
Service Providers (hair dresser, postman, snow shoveler, etc.) and Military Personnel Gifts will be explored next week.

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