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You can download The Affordable Care Act signed into law by President Obama  March 23, 2010. This guide was researched and written by David Nather, senior policy reporter and health care expert at POLITICO Pro.  Mr. Nather has actually read the law many many times.
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Introduction: Understanding Obamacare

While the fights over Obamacare are sure to go on for years, the health care law is one of the least understood social programs of our time. “Understanding Obamacare: POLITICO’s Guide to the Affordable Care Act” is a plain-English explainer of how the law is supposed to work, and what’s likely to happen when the coverage begins. Written by POLITICO Senior Policy Reporter and health care expert David Nather, the guide also includes a series of reality checks to help you sort out the truth behind the political arguments you’re most likely to hear.Whatever you think of Obamacare, this guide is intended to help you understand what’s at stake for consumers, employers and physicians — and help you cut through the political rhetoric as the law’s biggest test begins.

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What the Fight’s Really About
Chapter 1
The Big Change: Covering Pre-Existing Conditions
Chapter 2
The Tradeoff: The Individual Mandate
Chapter 3
How You’ll Get Health Insurance
Chapter 4
How Obamacare Affects Businesses – Large and Small
Chapter 5
What Doctors May Not Know About Obamacare – and What They Need to Know
Chapter 6
Beware of the Obamacare Talking Points
To Your Health!
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