Tina Turner, iconic rock star age 73 is the oldest model to be featured on the cover of  Vogue Magazine.  What a tribute and honor to Tina and older women.   The cover photo below is from the German March 2013 Vogue Magazine.
It’s timely to display her 2006 album cover below called “Love Songs”.  Tina and her beau of 27 years to music industry executive, Erwin Bach (attached photo) have been in a committed relationship since 1986 when she was in the mist of making a career comeback.  Ms. Turner and Mr. Bach recently exchanged wedding vows on Sunday, July 21, 2013 at Chateau Algonquin ,Tina’s estate in Switzerland.
Oprah Winfrey will interview Tina at the couple’s home in the South of France Sunday, August 25, 2013 at9pm EDT  “The Next Chapter”: on the the OWN Channel at:  
I will send out some of  wedding photos of the bride and groom on Friday or no later than Saturday, August 24th.

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Camille Mitchell
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